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WQED Multimedia depends on its members and supporters for the means to carry out its mission to "provide educational, cultural and informational products and services that enhance and engage the community." Local businesses are some of our best supporters, and we hope that you too will help to support such a vital resource in the community.

Why should your business support WQED Multimedia?

  • Our audience, consists of people of all ages and backgrounds, including many high net-worth individuals, business leaders, and intelligent consumers.
  • Over the past year, the WQED Multimedia website has received over 20,500 visits per week! This means that if the name of your business is listed on our website, you could potentially have an extra 1,066,000 people hearing about your organization every year simply by supporting WQED Multimedia.
  • Likewise, WQED programming and publications touch over 1.2 million households in a vast expanse of Western Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, and West Virginia. Recognition as a supporter of WQED gives your business positive exposure to people across four different states!

There are many different ways for your business to support WQED Multimedia: Business Partners, Matching Gifts, Challenge Grants, Event Sponsorship, In-kind Donations, or Discount Offers for the WQED Multimedia MemberCard.


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