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Business Partners

Special thanks to WQED Business Partners!

For families throughout our region, WQED is a bright, steady source of inspiration that values education, integrity and fresh ideas. It is there to enrich our lives, elevate our spirits and open our minds. But we cannot provide this service without the support of the community. In the greater Pittsburgh area, we are lucky to have many businesses that see the value that WQED brings to the community and have taken action to help support us. We express our deep appreciation to our Business Partners for their generous financial support of WQED Multimedia. Their financial support helps to make the difference between adequate and excellent programming and services. Business Partners have truly distinguished themselves as caring members of our community and faithful supporters of WQED. Thank you, Business Partners!

In honor of the generous Business Partners gifts, we recognize our donors that give to WQED at the Business Executive and Business Leadership Levels.

Business Leadership ($3,000 and above)

Business Executive ($1,000-$2,999)

  • Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN)
  • Fair Oaks Foundation, Inc.
  • First National Bank, Pittsburgh Region
  • The Frank E. Rath * Spang & Co. Charitable Trust
  • Macy's

If you or someone you know have questions or would like to become a Business Partner, please contact Kristine A. Masta at 412-622-1380.


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