Baguette with Roasted Garlic
1- 2 whole garlic bulbs
Vegetable oil spray or olive oil
Baguette bread or other crisp bread
Remove loose outer skins leaving most of the husks intact.
Trim the root end. Wash lightly. Cut the top off the bulb.
Place garlic on foil squares large enough to be closed tightly.
Drizzle cut top of the bulb with oil or spray with cooking oil.
Close tops of the foil and place garlic package on the back of a hot grill or in a preheated over (375 degrees)
This should roast about 40 minutes until the cloves are tender.
To serve: Place the whole bulb on the table. Individual cloves can be popped out and spread on bread as a spread. No additional butter or margarine is necessary.
Leftovers should be stored tightly covered in the refrigerator and can be removed from the husks and used as mashed garlic.