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Dave & Dave Strange Pennsylvania
WQED's Dave & Dave find the unusual in Pennsylvania

A Ride Along The Lincoln Highway
Rick Sebak's national PBS special looks at the nation's first transcontinental highway

Great Old Amusement Parks
Great Old Amusement Parks celebrates some of the pre-Disney parks that are still thriving as well as a few of the classic parks that are gone.

Pittsburgh N' At with Dave & Dave
A fun and fast-moving hour-long celebration of Pittsburgh, produced and moderated by WQED's Dave Rhodes and Dave Hallewell

Eat Pennsylvania: A Keystone Plate Special with Dave & Dave
The Commonwealth is the backdrop for a showcase of charmingly different eateries and restaurants.

In Country: A Vietnam Story
In Country: A Vietnam Story, tells two emotional stories; separate yet intertwined of a group of African American veterans who return to Vietnam.

Gardens of Pennsylvania
From WQED - a tour of Pennsylvania's horticultural treasures. The program tells a story of different gardens throughout the state.

Sanwiches That You Will Like
Sandwiches That You Will Like is an exciting explosion of American voices talking about favorite sandwiches, tastes, traditions and toppings.

An Ice Cream Show
An Ice Cream Show is a warm and friendly celebration of America's favorite frozen dessert and the places where you can buy a scoop.

Shore Things
Shore Things looks at some of the things that make hanging out at the beach so enticing to people of all ages.

Plans for Flight 93 Memorial Highlighted on OnQ Magazine
A summary of WQED's plans for a community engagement initiative with the National Parks Service.

A Hot Dog Program
Producer Rick Sebak's All-American celebration of those fabulous and phenomenally popular little sausages in their soft little buns.

WQED's Rick Sebak Takes a Look at Things "Right Beside The River"
WQED producer Rick Sebak celebrates the Pittsburgh region's rivers and the things you find relatively close to them.

WQED to Produce Pittsburgh From the Air, Underwritten by United States Steel Corporation



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