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Steel Town Entertainment Summit

OnQ Presents:
"Steel Town Entertainment Summit"

PITTSBURGH - Some of the top producers, directors, writers, creators and agents in Hollywood today are from Pittsburgh. Some grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania, others went to school here, and all want to give something back to this region.

On October 25, the group met at the WQED Multimedia studios in Oakland, under the banner of “The Steeltown Entertainment Project.” The daylong summit focused on ways to raise the profile of Pittsburgh in the entertainment industry. The taped summit will air as a one-hour special presentation of OnQ magazine entitled “Steel Town Entertainment Summit” on Thursday, November 20 at 8 p.m. on WQED tv13.

“The Steeltown Entertainment Project” and the names involved are truly a who's who of Hollywood: Rob Marshall (director of 2003's best picture, Chicago), John Wells (executive producer of West Wing, ER), Bernie Goldmann (producer, Warner Brothers), Eric Gold (manager/producer, Jim Carrey, Vince Vaughn), Jimmy Miller (manager/ producer, Ellen DeGeneres, Sean Hayes, The Guardian), Jamie Widdoes (director, Eight Simple Rules, My Wife and Kids), Tim Kaiser (producer, Will and Grace, Seinfeld), Maxine Lapiduss (writer/ producer, Roseanne, Ellen, Dharma and Greg) and Carl Kurlander (writer, St. Elmo's Fire, Saved By the Bell) to name a few.

“WQED was pleased to host the summit and support the efforts of the project,” said George L. Miles, Jr., president and CEO of WQED Multimedia and “Steeltown Entertainment Project” Board of Advisors member. “It is consistent with our commitment to being a local resource to the community and to export our region to the rest of the country.”

In partnership with WQED Multimedia, the group came back to Pittsburgh in October to kick off efforts to raise the region’s profile in the entertainment industry. What do they plan to do to make Pittsburgh an entertainment mecca? You'll hear it straight from the ex-pat celebrities in this one-hour special.

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