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James Baran and Chris Fennimore make chocolate dipped strawberries
Photo: Richard Kelly

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Photo: Richard Kelly



PITTSBURGH, PA – To paraphrase a famous adage: Everyone wants to eat but nobody wants to spend hours in the kitchen cooking. “Quick and Easy,” the latest installment in WQED Multimedia Pittsburgh’s America’s Home Cooking series, is the perfect solution for those folks who love to cook but are short one time.

In “Quick and Easy,” Hosts Chris Fennimore and Nancy Polinsky welcome guest cooks into the kitchen studio to demonstrate some fast and flavorful recipes from the cookbook along with a few of their own favorites.

The “Quick and Easy” companion cookbook contains over 100 recipes that take only a few minutes to put together and contain 7 ingredients or less. The cookbook is available as a pledge thank-you gift.

“This is the perfect cookbook and program for viewers who don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen or in the supermarket, said Fennimore. “And the big surprise is that you can end up with absolutely delicious recipes! Quick, easy and delicious - you don’t have to pick two out of three.”

Some of the recipes demonstrated in the WQED kitchen, and listed in the “Quick and Easy” cookbook include a Reuben casserole, pasta with peas, blintzes made in a loaf pan, and a savory chicken and rice dish.

“WQED celebrates the melting pot of America by Telling America’s Stories through our music, history and culture,” said Robert Petrilli, WQED Multimedia’s senior vice-president and COO. “America’s Home Cooking tells the stories of family memories and recipes passed on through generations in addition to enjoying great food.”

“Quick and Easy” is the sixth installment in WQED Multimedia Pittsburgh’s America’s Home Cooking series, which includes the “Crock Pot,” “Cookies,” “Italian, “Comfort Food” and “Casseroles and Covered Dishes” shows.

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