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Program Description: This documentary explores a form of work that has existed in Bombay, India for more than 100 years. Each day 4,000
Dabbawallas (box persons) deliver 100,000 lunches at high
levels of reliability. This delivery system functions without any
of the trappings of modern day work, such as technology,
business procedures and practices, and so on. The program
focuses on what people in more-developed countries can learn
from workers in less-developed countries, the reliance upon
human and social ingenuity for organizing rather than relying on
external mechanisms such as technology, and according respect
for the seldom-heard voices of disadvantaged populations in

Format: one 60-minute documentary

Feed Date: Sunday January 4, 2004

Press materials:
The Dabbawallas photography
The Dabbawallas press release
The Dabbawallas fact sheet

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Producing Organization: Changing Nature Of Work

Producer: Paul Goodman

Presented by: WQED Multimedia Pittsburgh

Distributed by: The Dabbawallas is distributed by American Public Television. For more than 41, years, American Public Television (APT) has been a major source of programming for the nation’s public television stations. APT has more than 10,000 hours of available programming. APT is known for identifying innovative programs and developing creative distribution techniques for producers. In four decades, it has established a tradition of providing public television stations nationwide with program choices that enable them to strengthen and customize their schedules.

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