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Casseroles & Covered Dishes
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All across America, people gather together around casseroles and covered dishes to share family and fellowship. People relish the chance to share their favorite and sometimes famous recipes with one another. In this latest edition of the America’s Home Cooking series, hosts Chris Fennimore and Nancy Polinsky welcome guest cooks into the kitchen studio to demonstrate some of the most interesting recipes from the cookbook along with a few of their own favorites.

“If America has a national dish, it might as well be the casserole,” said Fennimore. “This mainstay of church suppers and potluck dinners expresses the diversity, creativity and sharing nature of the American experience. From simple to sublime, the casserole gives the cook artistic license to put their mark of individualism in every dish. We’ve gathered a hearth warming selection of classic and adventurous casserole recipes from some of America’s greatest home cooks so you can share the very best in your kitchen.”

Recipes featured on “Casseroles and Covered Dishes” include scalloped ham and potatoes, chicken and broccoli, baked mashed potatoes and a hearty kielbasa and sauerkraut combination that is a meal in one dish.

More than one hundred of the best casseroles and covered dish recipes, recipes tested at family and church gatherings over many years, are included in the companion cookbook available as a pledge thank-you gift.

“WQED celebrates the melting pot of America by Telling America’s Stories through our music, history and culture,” said Robert Petrilli, WQED Multimedia’s senior vice-president and COO. “America’s Home Cooking tells the stories of family memories and recipes passed on through generations in addition to enjoying great food.”
“Casseroles and Covered Dishes” is based on the American traditions of community and sharing. It is the fifth installment in WQED Multimedia Pittsburgh’s America’s Home Cooking series, which includes the “Crock Pot,” “Cookies,” “Italian” and “Comfort Food” shows.

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