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BrainFood is food for your brain - it's science you can eat, it's a half-hour of food, cooking and science! The Mid-Atlantic chapter of the National Television Academy awarded the show an Emmy for Outstanding Youth Programming on September 13, 2003.

Math and science are all around us - and you can find them in the kitchen! BrainFood uses food and cooking to explore density, a mainstay of the middle-school curriculum. Our hosts serve up pickles, ice cream, soup, salad and dressing, all with a delicious twist.

WQED Multimedia developed BrainFood with the Carnegie Science Center, the Mon Valley Education Consortium and middle-school math and science teachers. Bob Wolke, syndicated columnist and author of What Einstein Didn't Know, was the show's science advisor. BrainFood's content addresses national middle-school standards. The Carnegie Science Center has earned a national reputation for presenting food and science in their Kitchen Theater. The Mon Valley Education Consortium works with twenty-five school districts in the Pittsburgh region and is an authority on middle school practice and curriculum.

"Discovering math and science in every day life makes it relevant to a younger audience. BrainFood puts a unique twist to this by illustrating the content through the use of food and cooking," said Vice President of Education, Karen Farmer White. "Molecules, density, and emulsions become easier to understand when you can find them at your own kitchen table."

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BrainFood was produced by Karen Farmer White, executive produced by Jocelyn Hough and produced by Gina Catanzarite.

“BrainFood” is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Innovation and Improvement to promote middle school math and science education.

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