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A letter from George L. Miles, Jr.

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George L. Miles, Jr.
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As we begin the year-long celebration of WQED’s 50th anniversary on April 1, 2004, we pause to look at where we’ve been, what we started, and what we have yet to accomplish. If the last half-century is any indication, the best is yet to come for this treasured local institution.

On April 1, 1954, television sets in southwestern Pennsylvania tuned in to see history in the making. Nothing like WQED had ever been done before.

Today, WQED Multimedia celebrates its 50th anniversary as the nation’s first community-sponsored station. In those fifty years, WQED has grown from a small television station broadcasting in black and white to a multimedia community resource encompassing not only television, but also radio, publishing, the web, local and national production, the Education Resource Center and a vital community relations effort.

I can think of no other local organization that has touched so many, maintained the support of the community through good times and bad, and positioned itself to be a catalyst for progress as this region continues to evolve.

Yours in Progress,

George L. Miles, Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer

WQED Multimedia Mission Statement

"To provide educational, cultural and informational products and services
that enhance and engage the community"

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