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New children's series to be released nationally to public television stations beginning September 4, 2005

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PITTSBURGH, PA - Doctors, educators and concerned parents agree that the early development of good habits in exercise and healthy food can dramatically help in counteracting a serious trend in our society toward obesity and poor health patterns in growing children.

Kid Fitness is a weekly show geared to young children, 2-12 years old, and is dedicated to promoting exercise and healthy lifestyles through songs, dance, games and fun. The series is presented by WQED Multimedia Pittsburgh, created by Kid Fitness, Inc., produced by Pro Image Studios and distributed by American Public Television. Thirteen 30-minute episodes will be available to public television stations across the country beginning September 4, 2005.

With over 20 years of fitness and healthy lifestyle experience the Kid Fitness production team, led by world-class trainer Paul Neville, has been advocating a healthier and more active lifestyle for children of all ages. "Fitness and health have been my passion and my life's work,” said Neville. “In the last few years I have had two children of my own and that's when I began to realize how hard it was to get children to eat properly and exercise. I knew that I had to make it fun and that I almost had to trick them into exercising. That's the secret to Kid Fitness - they are having so much fun that they don't even realize they’re exercising. If we can develop good healthy habits at an early enough age, I believe it will have a positive effect on the rest of their lives."

Kid Fitness is a highly interactive show with segments of exercise introduced by Kid Fitness and his friends. Visually bright costumes and colorful animation add to the upbeat tone of the program encouraging young viewers to follow along with the music and movement of the characters. Kid Fitness also covers healthy eating habits.

The series is written by multi-Emmy Award winning writer, Ouisie Shapiro. Shapiro is a NY based writer who has won two national Emmy's for her work on a program called "Sports Century" for ESPN Classic. She is currently nominated for another national Emmy (in the Best Documentary" category) as the writer for "Nine Innings From Ground Zero". "Nine Innings From Ground Zero" is a documentary that has been featured on HBO this year. Shapiro is also a children's book author.


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