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PITTSBURGH, PA - In a series of special reports, WQED’s OnQ magazine explores the Brookings Institution study “Back to Prosperity: An Agenda For Renewing Pennsylvania” beginning Monday, February 14 at 7:30 p.m. on WQED tv13.

It's a lengthy, detailed report called “Back to Prosperity.” And it has become the most talked-about endeavor yet revealing why Western Pennsylvania's economy has remained stagnant over the past 20 years.

On Monday February 14, OnQ will devote its entire episode to “Back To Prosperity.” Michael Bartley gives a detailed overview of this study, said to be critical to the future of our region. In his overview, Bartley discusses the report’s findings with Caren Glotfelty, of The Heinz Endowment. He then reports on a young Pittsburgh family who decided to leave their city home and build on the outskirts. Monday's live guest will be Ronald Bailey, executive director of “Campaign to Renew Pennsylvania.” This agency is the non-profit initiative born to solve the major problems uncovered by the Brookings Institution report.

On Tuesday, February 15, OnQ will feature “a tale of two cities.” “Brownsville's Decline” looks at how this Fayette County business district went from thriving river town to virtual ghost town in recent years. The second segment features the “Uniontown Success” story. Just a few miles away, another Fayette County city is on the upswing, due in large part to major makeover spearheaded by businessman and community leader Joe Hardy.

These OnQ features are the first in a series of reports. OnQ will continue to present in-depth coverage of the regional challenges presented in the report and what's being done to initiate solutions.

There will be a companion documentary to air (tentatively) in May around the election.
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