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PITTSBURGH, PA – Sure, Pittsburgh’s unique beauty is found in its architecture, bridges and waterways. But what about the people who live and work here? Everyday, beautiful people light up our city. PITTSBURGH magazine decided to seek out the “25 Most Beautiful People” from this region, and feature them in the January 2005 issue, available on newsstands now.

The winners comprise a diverse group that includes professional models, TV and news personalities, entrepreneurs, a sculptor, artists, performers, a full-time mom, a firefighter, a radio host, a life coach, a nanny and a government official.

What makes a person beautiful? “Here at the magazine, we’ve been mulling over that question for months now,” said Betsy Benson, PITTSBURGH magazine publisher/editor. “It’s made our editorial meetings more philosophical—and more lively—than usual. Making our selections was truly a team effort, including six editors and our art director and director of photography.”

Beginning in October, the magazine staff began the process of compiling a list of fascinating people from all walks of life who are beautiful to look at. They included people they had met, people they’d seen on TV, people they’d heard about or watched perform on stage. Included were models as well as “normal” people. They admired and discussed men and women of various age and ethnic groups, with distinctly different types of beauty and backgrounds. The result was a list of almost 40 people. Trimming the list down to 25 was quite a challenge.

“ Once we had a final list, we deployed five photographer/stylist teams to shoot our beauties while staffers hit the phones to conduct interviews with each,” said Benson. After several weeks of efforts, art director David Rohm had pulled it all together into a compelling design package.

As for the cover image, the team selected Rose Lotenero: a businesswoman, an artist and a “great example of one of a generation of talented young people in this region.”

Here are PITTSBURGH magazine’s 25 Most Beautiful People:

Amanda Beyer, model
Amber Brkich, reality-TV star
Janis Burley-Wilson, cultural promoter
Richard Butler, life coach
Wendy Compernolle, full-time mother
Anji Corley, radio host
Sreyashi Dey, dancer
Kelly Frey, TV news reporter
Billy Jenkins, firefighter, Marine
Rob King, sportscaster
Rose and Michael Lotenero, artists
Jennie Luvv, jazz singer
Keith Martin, farm entrepreneur
Maria Muscatello, business owner
Nomi Ogawa, fashion designer
Dawn Osthoff, model
Mara Rago, photographer
Sarah Siplak, singer, actor, nanny
Mario St. Francis, model
Hines Ward, football player
Leah Watts, model
Tamara Whiting, model
Hisham Youssef, sculptor
Steve Zappala, district attorney

To book an interview or appearance with Betsy Benson and/or one of “PITTSBURGH magazine’s beautiful people,” contact Gigi Saladna at 412-622-1377, or For more information on how to obtain your copy call 412-622-1360.

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