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PITTSBURGH, PA - Main courses are about feeding people. Appetizers are about people having fun. From dips and hors d'oeuvres to canapés and tapas, these tasty little treats are often more interesting and flavorful than more extensive meals. And since they are generally made ahead, they free the host and hostess to socialize with their guests instead of being tied to the kitchen.

“Appetizers” is the latest edition in WQED Multimedia Pittsburgh’s America’s Home Cooking series. Hosts Chris Fennimore and Nancy Polinsky welcome guest cooks into the kitchen studio to demonstrate some savory samples from the cookbook, along with a few of their own favorites.

“Appetizers are about bold flavors that literally brighten the appetite and start the juices flowing,” said Host Chris Fennimore. “Salty, spicy, sour and sweet, these little bites may be what guests remember. And appetizers are often a collaborative effort with everyone contributing to a preprandial array of dishes.”

The “Appetizers” companion cookbook contains over 100 recipes that cover a wide range of styles, culinary complexity and ethnic flavors. The cookbook is a vailable as a pledge thank-you gift.

Some of the recipes featured on the show and listed in the cookbook include Artichoke Hearts with Aioli, Caponata, Guyanese Plantain Meatballs, Baked Brie, Tomato Crostini, Stuffed Figs and Cauliflower Fritters.

“Appetizers” is the seventh installment in WQED Multimedia Pittsburgh's America's Home Cooking series, which includes the “ Crock Pot,” “Cookies,” “Italian,” “Comfort Food,” “Casseroles and Covered Dishes” and “Quick and Easy” shows.

The America's Home Cooking series celebrates family memories and recipes passed on through generations in addition to enjoying great food.

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