Rick Sebak produces, writes and narrates unusual documentaries for public television. Whether he's looking at diners in Pennsylvania, ice cream places across the country, or some of the wonderful neighborhoods in his hometown of Pittsburgh, his work is celebratory in nature. He is a friendly guide to various aspects of American culture, reminding viewers of people and places in their neighborhoods, explaining the history and charms of things we take for granted, and inevitably finding good things to eat along the way. His newest offering, "Sandwiches That You Will Like," is being taped now. It's scheduled to premiere in Pittsburgh in September and throughout the rest of the country in December.

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T.J. Lubinsky

American Soundtrack has been created to celebrate the biggest and best recording stars of the Boomer and Silent generations. The live reunion concerts assemble multiple artists from distinctly American music categories — pop, rock, Motown, R&B, soul and Doo Wop. The series has already raised over $52 million for the PTV system since December 1999, exceeding a 10:1 return to the SIP fund per title, and generating over $240,000 in back end royalties for PBS.

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Chris Fennimore knows that food and stories are natural compositions, and he's collecting them with his cooking marathons. WQED cooking shows began 9 years ago with a problem: too many zucchinis. With his garden working overtime, programming director Chris Fennimore requested recipes from viewers and got hundreds in response. He chose a few, cooked them live on-air, offered the recipes themselves as the pledge premium and now, almost 50 shows later, he can't stop by the grocery store without being noticed. His recent offering "America's Home Cooking: Comfort Food" met with great success in the March 2002 national pledge drive. Look for a "Holiday Cookies" episode coming in December.

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