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Regularly Scheduled Local Programming

Black Horizons is the nation's longest-running series aimed at the African-American audience. Alex Haley appeared on "Black Horizons" before the "Roots" mini-series made him a big star.

A variety of performers have appeared including: opera star, Demarius Cooper; Rapper Tuffy Tuff; Kuntu Theatre performers; gospel singer, Jackie Pullen; the Dana Movement Ensemble; and the African drum ensemble called Umoja.

Whether a public affairs program examining some modern social ill or a cultural affairs program looking at the ties to the mother land, "Black Horizons" has been the television show that Pittsburghers have been tuning in to since 1968 for information about the black community.

OnQ, now in its fourth season, is live every weeknight, with reporting that reflects these challenging times, in-depth coverage of pressing issues that impact our region and stories about people and places you know.

'QED Cooks with host Chris Fennimore is a weekly half-hour programming that features the best of WQED's popular cooking marathons.

LifeQuest is a half-hour show hosted by veteran broadcaster Eleanor Schano. Every week the discussion topics are of particular interest to people over the age of 50. These topics range from growing old gracefully, financial and health advice, leisure, to housing options for older people.


Other Local Programming

Beyond Convention: Documented the design competition for Pittsburgh's new convention center. Cameras followed the committee that evaluated the international competition for this downtown signature building that will be one of the cornerstones to Pittsburgh's new economy in the twenty-first century.

The Pittsburgh Mayoral Debate: This special was produced in collaboration with the Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project (PUMP) and was geared to people in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Candidates for the Pittsburgh Democratic Primary answered questions from young people who will determine the future of the city and the region as it enters a new century.



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