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In a 1994 survey by Ketchum Communications, people in Western Pennsylvania, both members and non-members of WQED stations, ranked WQED a very close second to The Carnegie Library as the most recognized and valued institution in this community, ahead of the sports teams.

WQED tv 13 / WQEX 16 reach more than 1,000,000 households per week, according to recent Nielsen ratings. Through cable, coverage extends well into eastern Ohio, western Maryland, and central West Virginia.


WQED Multimedia:
A Local and National Treasure

WQED Multimedia is WQED tv 13/WQEX 16; all-classical WQED fm 89.3 and WQEJ 89.7/Johnstown; and PITTSBURGH magazine. But WQED Multimedia is more than just what you can see or hear on television or radio or what you can read in the magazine.

WQED has broad experience in working with partners and managing complex media projects that involve television, educational video, teacher training modules, and accompanying printed educational materials for teachers, students, and general audiences, as well as publishing, promotion, distribution partnerships, and an increasing array of interactive and multi-media products for our local and national audiences.

Over 1,000,000 households of viewers and listeners rely on WQED each week, more than any other Pittsburgh educational or cultural institution.

Founded in 1954, WQED was the country's first community-owned television station and became a production center of national programs for the Public Broadcasting Service. It is distinguished by the high number of original productions it has contributed to PBS programming.

Throughout its history, WQED has been consistently devoted to developing, producing and presenting programs and projects of the highest quality, and in recognition has won more than 250 local, national, and international awards for excellence. These include over 60 Emmys and twelve Peabody Awards.

A Critical Local Resource

WQED Multimedia is one of the largest educational community institutions in Western Pennsylvania, second only to the public school system.


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