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Morning Show Extras
Miscellaneous interviews and features (some only available online) and treasures from the Classical QED 89.3 archives.

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Mark Nordenberg, Thiel College alumnus - 02/07/2014
Outgoing University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Mark Nordenberg talks about his alma mater, Thiel College, with fellow alumnus and 2013 Thiel commencement speaker Jim Cunningham. Nordenberg (1970, B.S. in mathematics) was honored with the Louis and Barbara Thiel Award for his significant achievements in higher education at Thiel's 2014 Founders's Day Convocation.


Shirli Nikolsburg - 04/16/2013
Shirli Nikolsburg’s award winning film, "A World of Signs" screens Sundays in April at 1:00 pm at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. Jim Cunningham asks musician, filmmaker, and child development specialist Nikolsburg about her film, which introduces parents, caregivers, and their toddlers to a holistic experience incorporating elements of play, American Sign Language, world classical and folk music, visual art, and multicultural traditions.

Pavarotti's Tosca - 01/25/2013
It was an unforgettable night at the Benedum Center in May, 1989 when Luciano Pavarotti's voice failed during his Pittsburgh Opera debut as Cavardossi in Puccini's Tosca. Barry Paris gave this commentary on WQED-FM's Sunday Arts Magazine.

History of WQED-FM: The First 20 Years - 01/25/2013
WQED executives Lloyd Kaiser and Tom Skinner reveal the origin of Classical QED 89.3. Ceci Sommers talks about her work as station manager, and you'll hear about notable programs carried or produced by WQED-FM.

Mickey McManus "Trillions" - 01/03/2013
The Internet will expand from today's few billions of devices to tomorrow's trillions of nodes. That's why the CEO and founders of Pittsburgh-based Maya Design, a design consultancy and technology research lab, have written a new book titled “Trillions: Thriving in the Emerging Information Economy." WQED board member and Maya CEO Mickey McManus talks with QED 89.3's Jim Cunningham.


Patricia Ward Kelly - 08/22/2012
To mark the centennial of Gene Kelly, the dancer, actor, singer, film director and producer, and choreographer born Aug 23, 1912 in Pittsburgh, Patricia Ward Kelly talks with QED's Ted Sohier about her late husband's work, and her involvement in Pittsburgh CLO's annual Gene Kelly Awards. Kelly met his third wife in 1985, when he was hired to read a script Ward had written for the National Air & Space Museum. Recorded May 25, 2012.

Franz Mohr, Piano Technician to the Stars - 07/13/2012
Franz Mohr, Steinway's Chief Piano Technician since 1965, shares stories of working with such great artists as Cliburn, Rubinstein, and most of all, Horowitz in his memior "My Life with the Great Pianists. Mohr gave Horowitz's Steinway its brilliant tone and lightning-quick action. Still lively at 85, Mohr talks about his craft, recounts anecdotes of his partnerships with musicians, and is ever the salesman for the world's most famous piano brand. Mohr accompanies the Horowitz Steinway to the Steinway Gallery of Pittsburgh.

Arts Festival Update - 06/08/2012
Artist Jenna Boyle talks about her performance at the Juried Visual Arts Exhibition, trumpeter Sean Jones reflects on what makes the Jazz Live festival unique, and festival director Marguerite Jarrett Marks highlights Squonk Opera's world premiere of "Go Roadshow," the festival's new Bluegrass Day on Saturday, and the closing concert by Bruce Hornsby.

Arts Festival Update - 06/06/2012
The Juried Visual Arts exhibition at the Three Rivers Arts Festival features painting, photography, sculpture, installations, even performance art. Exhibition coordinator Sonja Sweterlitsch gives a tour of a few notable creations to be seen upstairs at 805 Liberty Avenue.

Arts Festival Update - 06/05/2012
The Three Rivers Arts Festival presents the world premiere of Squonk Opera's GO ROADSHOW, built for quick setup on a flatbed truck, with custom-built musical truck horns, a rotating piano, a blimp, and other surprises. Co-director and composer Jackie Dempsey explains.

Arts Festival Update - 06/04/2012
Kevin McMahon, President of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, talks about the River City Brass Band's involvement, the expanded artists' market, and public sculptures placed throughout the festival.

Arts Festival Update - 06/01/2012
An overview of the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival, June 1-10, 2012 in downtown Pittsburgh. Festival Director talks about the opening weekend jazz and expanded visual arts offerings.

Ruzich Recaps Brokaw - 04/27/2012
Dr. Connie Ruzich of Robert Morris University summarizes remarks and Q&A after Tom Brokaw closes the Pittsburgh Speakers Series for 2011-2012 at Heinz Hall.

Tom Brokaw - 04/05/2012
Television journalist and author Tom Brokaw is best known as the anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News from 1982 to 2004. He is the author of The Greatest Generation (1998) and other books and the recipient of numerous awards and honors. He now serves as a Special Correspondent for NBC News.

Ruzich recaps McChrystal - 03/29/2012
Robert Morris University's Dr. Connie Ruzich summarizes comments by retired General Stanley McChrystal, who commanded U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan until his retirement in 2010. Known for his candor and innovative leadership, he is widely praised for creating a revolution in warfare that fused intelligence and operations.

Aaron Copland Roundtable (1990) - 03/23/2012
As Opera Theater of Pittsburgh staged Aaron Copland's "The Tender Land" in 1990, Jim Cunningham held a panel discussion about Copland's music with Ethan Stang, former Pittsburgh Symphony Princpal Piccolo; Mildred Miller Posvar, Opera Theater founder and former Met Opera star; Murray Sidlin, conductor; and Vivian Perlis, Copland biographer. Recorded Nov. 15, 1990 at WQED.

Stanley McChrystal - 03/22/2012
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates called McChrystal, the retired four-star general & former commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, "one of America's greatest warriors." Known for his candor and innovative leadership, he is widely praised for creating a revolution in warfare that fused intelligence and operations. He commanded U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan until his retirement in 2010.

Ruzich Recaps Nafisi - 03/01/2012
Dr. Connie Ruzich of Robert Morris University summarizes Azar Nafisi's remarks at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series on Feb. 29, 2012. Nafisi is the author of the bestseller "Reading Lolita in Tehran," which paints a vivid portrait of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and its effect on Nafisi as a secular woman and university professor, and its effect on her students.

Azar Nafisi - 02/22/2012
An avid believer in the "republic of the imagination," her best known book, Reading Lolita in Tehran, spent 117 weeks on The New York Times Bestseller List, and has been translated into 32 languages. It paints a vivid portrait of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and its effect on Nafisi as a secular woman and university professor, and its effect on her students.

Ruzich Recaps Pollan - 01/19/2012
Robert Morris University's Dr. Connie Ruzich recaps remarks by food activist Michael Pollan, who has distilled the essence of his earlier books into the handy guidebook "Food Rules." His amusing rules and observations cut through the varying claims of nutrition scientists and food marketers to provide a common-sense guide to eating.

Michael Pollan - 01/16/2012
One of Newsweek's Top 10 "New Thought Leaders" in 2009, sustainable food activist Michael Pollan has been exploring the places where the human and natural worlds intersect for the past 20 years. He talks with Jim Cunningham about some of his prize-winning bestsellers, which include The Omnivore's Dilemma and The Botany of Desire, and his attitudes toward a variety of foods and other food writers. He also shares his experiece of winning the Lennon Ono Award for Peace.


Ruzich Recaps the Wilsons - 11/22/2011
RMU history professor John McCarthy fills in for Connie Ruzich to summarize the comments of former CIA covert operative Valerie Plame Wilson and her husband Ambassador Joe Wilson. They challenged the Bush administration's claim of Iraqi attempts to buy uranium from Niger..

Valerie Plame Wilson and Ambassador Joe Wilson - 11/16/2011
She was a covert CIA operative working in counter-proliferation. He was an American diplomat to Africa and Iraq. His 2003 New York Times op-ed piece suggesting the Iraqi nuclear threat had been exaggerated allegedly resulted in the exposure of Valerie Plame Wilson's identity. Their story is told in the film "Fair Game," and in first-person at Heinz Hall on Nov. 21, 2011.

Michelle Rhee Q & A - 11/04/2011
Education reformer Michelle Rhee answers questions from the audience at Heinz Hall during her appearance as part of the Pittsburgh Speakers Series presented by Robert Morris University.

Ruzich recaps Rhee - 11/03/2011
Robert Morris University's Dr. Connie Ruzich recaps remarks by Michelle Rhee, the former Chancellor of Washington, D.C. schools, who as featured in the documentary "Waiting for Superman." An outspoken advocate of school reform, Rhee founded The New Teacher Project, recruiting 10,000 teachers in 20 states over 10 years. Most recently, she unveiled StudentsFirst on the Oprah Winfrey Show, with a goal to raise $1 billion to catalyze education reform in the U.S.

Ruzich recaps Chernow - 10/13/2011
Robert Morris University's Dr. Connie Ruzich recaps remarks by historian and biographer Ron Chernow, winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for his latest book, "Washington: A Life." Chernow has profiled the lives of financial titans such as J.P. Morgan, The Warburgs, John D. Rockefeller, and Alexander Hamilton, earning him the National Book Award among other honors.

Ron Chernow - 10/10/2011
A trusted voice on the history of business and politics, distinguished historian Ron Chernow has profiled the lives of financial titans such as J.P. Morgan, The Warburgs, John D. Rockefeller, and Alexander Hamilton, earning him the National Book Award among other honors. His most recent work,Washington: A Life, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2011.

Carolyn Benton, Chimemaster at Chautauqua - 07/28/2011
Every summer since 1992, Carolyn Benton has played the carillon of Chautauqua Institution's iconic lakeside Miller Bell Tower. Modeled after the classic north-Italian campanile, the 75-foot-tall brick tower marks the hours, and will play for its own centennial on August 2, 2011. QED's Stephen Baum met Carolyn Benton before a noon performance.

Ruzich Recaps Rove & Dean - 04/28/2011
Robert Morris University's Connie Ruzich summarizes the personal histories recounted by Karl Rove and Howard Dean as well as their opposing responses to audience questions at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series.

Karl Rove - 04/25/2011
Former Bush White House Deputy Chief of Staff and Republican political advisor Karl Rove will face off with former DNC chairman Howard Dean at Heinz Hall on April 27, 2011. Rove talks about his early political career, meeting George W. Bush, the key to Bush's 2004 reelection, the outlook for the 2012 campaigns, and his own interest in art museums.

Howard Dean - 04/13/2011
Former Governor of Vermont and DNC Chairman, Dean ran for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination. At Heinz Hall on April 27th, he'll face off against Karl Rove, former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush. Rove and Dean will respond to each other's commentaries and engage in Q & A with the audience.

Composer Pierre LaPlante - 04/08/2011
Texas composer Pierre LaPlante talks about his "Pittsburgh Suite," commissioned for the 2011 Three Rivers Community Band Festival on April 9.

Ruzich Recaps Shields - 03/17/2011
Dr. Connie Ruzich recaps the remarks of Syndicated Columnist and PBS NewsHour Political Commentator Mark Shields at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series, presented by Robert Morris University, and reveals the speakers for next season.

Mark Shields - 03/09/2011
Syndicated Columnist and Political Commentator on the PBS NewsHour, Mark Shields has worked in Washington through nine administrations. He's been described by the Washington Post as "a walking almanac of American politics" and by the Wall Street Journal as "the wittiest political journalist around." He'll speak at Heinz Hall on March 16th.

Ruzich Recaps de Klerk - 02/23/2011
Filling in for the traveling Dr. Connie Ruzich, Assistant History Professor John McCarthy from Robert Morris University recaps the remarks of Nobel Peace Prize winner F. W. de Klerk, the last apartheid-era President of South Africa, at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series.

F. W. de Klerk - 02/10/2011
As South Africa's last apartheid-era president, F. W. de Klerk led his country's peaceful transition to black majority rule. In 1993, he and Nelson Mandela received the Nobel Peace Prize for their role in the democratization of South Africa. In 1999, he established the F.W. de Klerk Foundation, which promotes peace in multi-communal societies. de Klerk speaks at Heinz Hall on Feb. 23, 2011.

Pianist George Vatchnadze Plays Tchaikovsky - 02/02/2011
Pianist George Vatchnadze warms up before recording Tchaikovsky's The Seasons at WQED's Fred Rogers Studio. He and two Georgian colleagues are performing throughout the city during the Pittsburgh Symphony's two-week Tchaikovsky Festival, Feb. 2-12, 2011

170 Million Americans - 01/28/2011
QED Multimedia President & CEO talks about 170 Million Americans, a campaign that highlights how public broadcasting touches millions of Americans every month and is among the most worthwhile investments of tax dollars.

Ruzich Recaps Krauthammer - 01/27/2011
Dr. Connie Ruzich from Robert Morris University recaps the remarks of Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post political columnist Charles Krauthammer at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series.

Charles Krauthammer - 01/20/2011
Charles Krauthammer is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and political commentator whose weekly column appears in The Washington Post and more than 200 newspapers and media outlets. He's a contributing editor to the Weekly Standard and The New Republic, and a panelist on Inside Washington and Fox Newss Special Report with Bret Baier.


Conductor Christopher Franklin - 12/21/2010
One of the opera world's rising young conductors is former Pittsburgher Christopher Franklin, the son of University of Pittsburgh musicologist and Bach authority Don Franklin. Christopher Franklin developed his career in Italian opera houses, including some major ones, and now has a handful of opera CDs to his credit including a new release on the Naxos label. He spoke with Jim Cunningham via Skype between performances of Rossini's Cinderella with Minnesota Opera.

Gilbert Levine "The Pope's Maestro" - 12/20/2010
Brooklyn-born conductor Gilbert Levine conducted several of historic concerts for Pope John Paul II beginning with a concert to Commemorate the Holocaust in 1994 and ending with the Pittsburgh Symphony's Concert of Papal Reconciliation at the Vatican in 2004. The story of how the Jewish Levine forged a musical bond with the pontiff is told in his new autobiography "The Pope's Maestro."

Bruce Fink - The Psychoanalytic Adventures of Inspector Canal - 12/13/2010
Bruce Fink, Duquesne University psychology professor and translator of the writings of 20th-century French psychologist Jacques Lacan, talks about his first novel, inspired by his dual interests: Lacan and classical music.

Dr. Ben Carson - 11/19/2010
Renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson reveals how the arts helped him gain admission to the schools that mattered, and takes questions from the Pittsburgh Speakers Series audience at Heinz Hall on Nov. 17, 2010.

Ruzich Recaps Carson - 11/18/2010
Dr. Connie Ruzich recaps remark by renowned pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series, presented at Heinz Hall by Robert Morris University.

Norman Lebrecht - Why Mahler? - 11/11/2010
British classical music critic Norman Lebrecht, who stirred up controversy with his books "The Maestro Myth," and "Who Killed Classical Music," talks with Jim Cunningham about his new book "Why Mahler," and gives his perspectives on musical personalities with Pittsburgh connections.

Carroll Spinney of Sesame Street - 11/05/2010
The puppeteer and voice of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, and Oscar's right arm puppeteer Jim Martin talk up Ka-Blam! at the Toonseum on Nov. 6, 2010.

Ruzich Recaps Gilbert - 11/04/2010
Dr. Connie Ruzich from Robert Morris University recaps the remarks of "Eat, Pray, Love" author Elizabeth Gilbert at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series.

Elizabeth Gilbert - 11/01/2010
Elizabeth Gilbert, author of "Eat, Pray, Love" talks about her favorite Pittsburgh poet, her early start as a writer, the success of "Eat, Pray, Love," the circumstances of her second marriage, being branded as a "chick lit" author, whether she "ruined" Bali, and her favorite destination.

Byron Janis - 10/27/2010
Pittsburgh's Byron Janis overcame secret physical handicaps through sheer determination to become one of the 20th century's greatest pianists. His story is told in a new film premiering on PBS, and a new autobiography. Byron Janis shares some recollections with QED's Jim Cunningham.

Ruzich Recaps Friedman - 10/14/2010
Robert Morris University's Dr. Connie Ruzich recaps Thomas Friedman's remarks at Heinz Hall for the Pittsburgh Speakers Series. The New York Times columnist and three-time Pulitzer Prize winner addresses America's future in a world he envisions as "Hot, Flat, and Crowded."

Joan Sutherland Remembered - 10/12/2010
Pittsburgh Opera's Christopher Hahn remembers "La Stupenda", the great Australian coloratura soprano Joan Sutherland, who fostered a revival of the bel canto style, and visited Pittsburgh in 1986 and 1998.

Ken Burns' Baseball: The 10th Inning - 09/29/2010
Emmy-winning filmmaker Ken Burns talks about the followup to his 1994 9-part PBS series. The story arc includes the Pirates' Barry Bonds and steroids, the 1994 baseball strike, the role of money, and the great players who restored the fans' love of the game.

Thomas Friedman - 09/27/2010
His background as a reporter for The New York Times and his expertise in the Middle East led this three-time Pulitzer Prize winner to pen The Lexus and the Olive Tree, The World Is Flat and, most recently, Hot, Flat and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution - and How It Can Renew America.

PA Governor's Conference for Women - 09/10/2010
The 7th annual PA Governor's Conference for Women is coming to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on Oct. 14th. Leslie Stiles, Executive Director of the PA Commission for Women, tells Jim Cunningham about the keynote speakers, sessions, and other reasons to attend this event. (WQED Multimedia is Media Sponsor for this year's conference.)

Christopher O'Riley with son Conor - 08/23/2010
QED 89.3 intern Conor O'Riley interviews his dad, Christopher O'Riley, host of NPR's "From the Top." Chris talks about his summer 2010 performances, the Beatles, Radiohead, his memories of Andy Warhol, the future of From the Top and classical music.

Arts Festival Update - Art of Technology - 06/09/2010
Coordinated by the Pittsburgh Technology Council, The Art of Technology contains ingenious interactive works from Pittsburgh pop painter Burton Morris, CMU's cute Keepon robot, Terry Gilliam-like assemblages of vintage parts, a Pittsburgh map made of working circuits, and a printed circuit where the chips themselves were inked to leave an image on paper.

Arts Festival Update - Artists Market - 06/09/2010
Over 300 artists display their works at the festival. A second wave of artists provides a new experience on festival's Wednesday midpoint. We'll meet a watercolor artist who found a taste for the bizarre, a photographer who travels the world to highlight forgotten peoples and places captured in breathtaking color, and the creator of the festival's official poster.

Arts Festival Update - Going Green - 06/07/2010
Through artists using and promoting reuseable and recycled materials, and Green Team members stationed at waste collection bins as part of the festival's Zero-Waste Initiative, the Three Rivers Arts Festival is one big, green event.

Arts Festival Update - Attack Theatre - 06/04/2010
Commissioned by the Three Rivers Arts Festival and Gateway to the Arts, R.A.M is a contemporary dance work that tells a story of RAM and his frantic rush to recover lost memories. When his circuits crash, RAM relies on his friends URL, Surge, Giga, and Flash to help reformat the scrambled bits and bytes of his past.

Ruzich Recaps Mortenson - 04/29/2010
Dr. Connie Ruzich from Robert Morris University summarizes the remarks of Greg Mortenson, author of "Three Cups of Tea," who talked about his campaign of building schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan and his role as an advisor to governments in dealing with this troubled part of the world.

Greg Mortensom - 04/29/2010
Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea and founder of the Central Asia Institute and Pennies for Peace, answers questions submitted from the audience at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series on April 28, 2010. Mortenson has forged relationships with the tribal leaders in Afghaistan and Pakistan to establish girls' schools and foster literacy. He has also advised the US government in how to work with the people of this region at the grass-roots level.

Alexandra Kochis in "Swan Lake" - 04/16/2010
Pittsburgh Ballet Theater Principal Dancer Alexandra Kochis makes her role debut this month as Odette/Odile in "Swan Lake." She talks about how she prepares this famous dual role, other favorite roles, and about life on and offstage with her husband, PBT Principal Christopher Budzynski.

Starting from Scrap - Stephen Greer - 04/15/2010
Pittsburgh-born entrepreneur Stephen Greer (son of Eden Hall Foundation president George Greer) talks about his business memoir "Starting from Scrap: An Entrepreneurial Success Story," which includes personal and business insights gained while building his Hong Kong-based scrap metal company, Hartwell Pacific.

Ruzich Recaps Brooks - 04/08/2010
Dr. Connie Ruzich of Robert Morris University summarizes the remarks of New York Times columnist David Brooks at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series on April 7, 2010.

Deane Root - 04/01/2010
Director of the Center for American Music at the University of Pittsburgh and noted authority on the music of Stephen Foster, Deane Root is the current Editor in Chief of the Grove Dictionary of Music. He'll address a symposium on Foster, April 23 & 24, 2010 at the University of Pittsburgh.

David Brooks - 03/31/2010
Political commentator, author and New York Times columnist David Brooks talks with QED's Jim Cunningham about his recent article on fame and happiness, his writing process, musical interests such as movie music and Bruce Springsteen, the Obama presidency, and more. Brooks is the April 7th guest of the Pittsburgh Speakers Series at Heinz Hall.

Eddie Palmieri, Latin Jazz Legend - 03/18/2010
Jim Cunningham talks with Eddie Palmieri, who performs on March 19, 2010 at 7:30 pm for the Community Foundation of Upper St Clair at Upper St. Clair High School. Details on the QED Cultural Calendar.

Ruzich Recaps Farrow - 03/12/2010
Professor Connie Ruzich of Robert Morris University recaps remarks by actress and humanitarian Mia Farrow, a guest of the Pittsburgh Speakers Series at Heinz Hall. Farrow spoke about her films, her personal connections with other celebrities, and her humanitarian work with UNICEF and in Darfur.

Benjamin Binder - 02/05/2010
Music historian and pianist Benjamin Binder begins a series of Romantic art song recitals at Duquesne University with Schumann's "Myrthen" on Feb. 16, 2010 to mark the composer's bicentennial year.

Mia Farrow - 01/27/2010
Oscar-Winning actress and humanitarian Mia Farrow starred in more than 40 films such as Rosemary’s Baby and Hannah and Her Sisters. She talks about her work in Darfur, her Hollywood childhood, and her personal connections with the likes of Andre Previn, John Lennon, and Salvador Dali.

Ruzich Recaps Reich - 01/14/2010
Dr. Connie Ruzich of Robert Morris University recaps remarks by economist and former US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich on Jan. 13, 2010 at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series at Heinz Hall.

Robert Reich - 01/11/2010
Having served in the Ford, Carter and Clinton administrations, and as a member of President Obama's economic transition advisory board, Reich is well regarded as one of the nation's leading thinkers on business, labor and the economy. As Secretary of Labor he worked to pass the Retirement Protection Act, the Family Medical Leave Act and increased the minimum wage for hourly workers.


Ruzich Recaps Laura Bush - 11/24/2009
Connie Ruzich summarizes the remarks of Laura Bush at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series. Bush spoke about family, literacy, favorite books, vital volunteer organizations, and her indelible experiences as First Lady.

Ruth Drescher, Holocaust survivor - 11/20/2009
Ruth Drescher speaks before a Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic concert commemorating the 71st anniversary of Kristallnacht. The concert featured music by Jewish composers that was banned by the Nazi regime.

Laura Bush - 11/11/2009
The former First Lady talks with Jim Cunningham about Fred Rogers, children's books, visiting Shanksville, life in the White House, appearing with Jenna on the Leno show, libraries, teachers, her husband's activities, and the arts.

Ruzich Recaps Cousteau - 10/15/2009
Dr. Connie Ruzich summarizes the remarks of underwater explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series on October 14, 2009.

Remembering Lincoln Maazel - 10/09/2009
From 1994, Lincoln Maazel, noted actor and father of conductor Lorin Maazel, speaks on the occasion of his performance with the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony, founded by his wife, Marie. Lincoln Maazel died in Sep., 2009 at age 106. A memorial will be held at Heinz Chapel at 11:00 am on Oct. 11.

Jean-Michel Cousteau - 10/08/2009
Since being thrown overboard from the Calypso at age 7 by his father, Jacques, this explorer, environmentalist, educator and documentary film producer has communicated his love and concern for our water planet. He tells QED 89.3's Jim Cunningham about his favorite moments at sea, sounds of the sea, and about finding solutions to environmental problems that are most evident in our oceans.

Ruzich Recaps Musharraf - 10/01/2009
Dr. Connie Ruzich summarizes the remarks of former president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series on September 30, 2009.

Gregory Dell'Omo - 09/30/2009
Robert Morris University President Gregory Dell'Omo talks with QED 89.3's Jim Cunningham about the Pittsburgh Speakers Series, which has been sponsored by Robert Morris since 2002.

Pervez Musharraf - 09/08/2009
As President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf occupied what Time described as "the most dangerous job in the world." Now as former President, he gives his perspectives on the troubled region, his achievements, Pakistan's rich culture, and the key to a good short golf putt.

Merce Cunningham - 08/13/2009
The late, legendary modern choreographer Merce Cunningham shared his philosophy of dance, his interests, and memories of Pittsburgh native Martha Graham with QED 89.3's Deborah Piroch in a 1997 interview.

The Pirates Reader - 06/24/2009
Richard Peterson has published two books on Pittsburgh baseball through the University of Pittsburgh Press: Growing Up with Clemente and The Pirates Reader. He writes about the Pirates from 1876 through the opening of PNC Park, the local sports journalists who covered the sport, and his memories at the ballpark.

Arts Festival Update - June 12 - 06/12/2009
The Three Rivers Arts Festival's closing weekend includes activities for children in Point State Park. We'll visit "Running Through the Sheets," an art project sponsored by the Pittsburgh Children's Museum, and look in at the WQED Family Entertainment Tent.

Arts Festival Update - June 11 - 06/11/2009
The Three Rivers Arts Festival features local short films and feature documentaries. Andrew Swensen, director of Pittsburgh Filmmakers, talks about the variety of films.

Arts Festival Update - June 10 - 06/10/2009
The 50th Annual Three Rivers Arts Festival celebrates its past in a retrospective at 907 Penn Ave. Curator Marguerite Marks traces the origins of one of America's largest and longest art fairs, and details some items on display.

Arts Festival Update - June 9 - 06/09/2009
A dozen young artists learned from seasoned mentors at the 2008 Artists' Market. The twelve emerging artists are back in a gallery show at 937 Liberty Avenue titled, "Now I Am the Master." Curator Sonja Sweterlich describes the works.

Arts Festival Update - June 8 - 06/08/2009
Something's fishy about that new downtown shop at 905 Penn Avenue. It's Sarver's Bait & Tackle where sculptor, painter, and puppeteer Tom Sarver lures passersby into his whimsical tribute to Mom & Pop shops, fishing lore, folksy carvings, and signage.

Arts Festival Update - June 5 - 06/05/2009
The 50th Annual Three Rivers Arts Festival runs through June 14th. Kevin McMahon, President of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, talks about changes as the Trust takes over from the Festival's founder, the Carnegie Museum of Art.

Michael Jones of PBS - 04/24/2009
PBS is funded by station members like you. Who helps decide where your money goes? PBS Chief Operating Officer Michael Jones worked for financial regulators and two US senators before joining the PBS in 2009.

Ruzich Recaps McCullough - 04/23/2009
Dr. Connie Ruzich recounts David McCullough's talk about the importance of reading, history, the arts, and understanding the people that helped make us who we are. Ruzich repeats an extensive list of books by or recommended by McCullough.

David McCullough - 04/21/2009
The Pulitzer Prize-winning historian traces his own history and schooling in Pittsburgh. McCullough previews his next book, titled "Americans in Paris," and mentions favorite past subjects, such as the Brooklyn Bridge.

Ruzich Recaps Goodall - 03/27/2009
Dr. Connie Ruzich of Robert Morris University recaps the remarks and Q & A session of Dr. Jane Goodall at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series on March 25th, 2009.

Jane Goodall - 03/19/2009
Since 1960, Dr. Goodall has been studying and protecting wildlife, especially chimpanzees and other primates. She talks about her early interest in animals, comparisons between chimps and humans, and her work as an activist.

Ruzich Recaps Woodward - 03/05/2009
A summary of Bob Woodward's appearance at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series. Robert Morris University's Dr. Connie Ruzich talks with QED's Jim Cunningham, emcee of the series.

Bob Woodward - 02/26/2009
Pulitzer-winning reporter Bob Woodward talks with QED's Jim Cunningham about the current economic crisis, Watergate and the movie "All the President's Men," classical music, and the future of journalism in an era of declining revenues.

Ruzich Recaps Quindlen - 01/29/2009
A summary of Anna Quindlen's appearance at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series. Robert Morris University's Dr. Ruzich talks with QED's Jim Cunningham, emcee of the series.

Anna Quindlen - 01/26/2009
This Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and bestselling author was only the third woman to write for the The New York Times op-ed page. She writes the "Last Word" column for Newsweek, and her latest novel, "Rise and Shine," debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestsellers list, joining her four other bestsellers.


Garrison Keillor - 11/30/2008
Called the "Mark Twain of our times,” Garrison Keillor is the voice of enlightenment, reason and gentle humor as a writer and host of A Prairie Home Companion. The most recent of his 13 books, Liberty, was released in Septermber, 2008. He talked by phone with QED's Jim Cunningham.

Paul Rusesabagina - 10/21/2008
As Rwanda descended into genocidal chaos, a fearless hotel manager, Paul Rusesabagina, risked his life to protect his family and more than 1,200 strangers against certain death. His story was portrayed in the Oscar-nominated film Hotel Rwanda. He speaks Nov. 5, 2008 at Heinz Hall.

Steve Forbes - 09/29/2008
Steve Forbes, the Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine and former Presidential candidate, talks about the US financial crisis, presidential politics, McCain's election prospects, flat taxes, his involvement in Radio Free Europe, the Forbes 400, collecting, publishing, and cigars.

The Capitol Steps - 04/16/2008
Elaina Newport of The Capitol Steps talks about songs for the 2008 presidential campaign, the comedy troupe's history,  their creative process, and politicians they miss.

Frank McCourt - 03/27/2008
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Frank McCourt ("Angela's Ashes") tells Jim Cunningham about pubs in Dublin and New York, James Joyce, Miles Davis,  Berlioz, happiness, a teacher's life, his life now, St. Patrick's Day, ideas for his next book and for a mass with composer David Amram.

Sir Salman Rushdie - 02/20/2008
The prolific and award-winning Sir Salman Rushdie rocked the Muslim world with his book, The Satanic Verses, resulting in a fatwa from Ayatollah Khomeini. During his years under protective custody, he continued to write. His most recent award-winning work is Shalimar the Clown. Rushdie will appear Feb. 27, 2008 at Heinz Hall.

Madeleine Albright - 01/16/2008
Madeleine Albright, the 64th and first woman US Secretary of State talks with Jim Cunningham. She is an expert on the UN, NATO, national security and foreign policy. Her books include "Madame Secretary: A Memoir" and "Memo to the President-Elect."


Christiane Amanpour - 11/16/2007
CNN's Christiane Amanpour talks about her most dangerous assignments in the Balkans, Middle East and Africa; how she shields her 7-year-old from worry, and what she does to preserve her sense of humanity. She appears at Heinz Hall, Nov. 28, 2007.

George Will - 11/06/2007
Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, author and political commentator George Will talks with Classical QED's Jim Cunningham about his Pittsburgh ties, writing, baseball -- and yes, politics. Mr. Will appears Nov. 14 at the Pittsburgh Speakers Series.

Aron Ralston - 09/27/2007
Adventurer, mountaineer, survivalist and  Carnegie Mellon honors graduate Aron Ralston talks about his entrapment while canyoneering in Utah. After six days in the desert with an 800 pound boulder on his arm, Ralston's unthinkably bold escape gave him the courage to continue his outdoor pursuits and the desire to help others overcome their obstacles.

Ari Fleischer - 04/17/2007
WQED's Jim Cunningham talks with former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, who served during the first 26 months of the George W. Bush presidency. Fleisher touches on subects ranging from the Valerie Plame case, the Niger yellowcake controversy, the life of a press secretary and traditions of the press corps, to playing catch with the President on the Whte House lawn. Mr. Fleisher appears at Heinz Hall on Wednesday, April 25th.

Robert F Kennedy, Jr. - 03/20/2007
A resolute defender of and advocate for the environment, he has been described as "committed to a positive difference in the quality of life for present and future American generations." He writes extensively on environmental issues, and has prosecuted governments and corporations alike for polluting the environment.

Michael Medved - 02/21/2007
Michael Medved, syndicated radio host and film critic, talks with Jim Cunningham about television, movies and politics. Cunningham will introduce Medved for the Pittsburgh Speakers Series at Heinz Hall on Wednesday, February 28, 2007.

L. Paul Bremer - 02/08/2007
L. Paul Bremer, Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, tells Jim Cunningham about his experiences in trying to rebuild Iraq.


Mary Higgins Clark - 12/01/2004
Mary Higgins Clark

James Carville - 11/03/2004
James Carville


Joseph Daval - 03/13/1014
Pittsburgh Concert Society Audition winner and Quaker Valley High School senior Joseph Daval talks about his long love affair with the guitar. The son of a trumpeter and the Pittsburgh Symphony's Principal Second Violinist, Jennifer Ross, Daval is studying both jazz and classical guitar, while he is also a baritone in his high school choir, earning places in the all-state choir and last year at the national level.

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