Verdi's Rigoletto
Presented by: Pittsburgh Opera
The court jester Rigoletto (Mark Delavan) loves his daughter Gilda (Lyubov Petrova) nearly as much as he hates the Duke of Mantua (Michael W. Lee). The Duke steals Gilda's honor, and the jester must continue to joke, even as he plans revenge. Rigoletto sometimes takes a joke too far for the comfort of his audience. But, this being opera, Rigoletto is met not by boos, but by a curse, when one of his jokes gets a little too personal. Antony Walker conducts.
Date: 10/06/2012 -          10/14/2012
10/06 - 8:00 pm
10/09 - 7:00 pm
10/12 - 8:00 pm
10/14 - 2:00 pm
Benedum Center, 231 7th St., Pittsburgh, PA
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