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2013 Writer's Contest Winners


First place: “Vic the Chick” by Caitlin J.
Second place: “Shiney Dolphin and Cutey Cat Play all Day” by Savana L.
Third place: “Brave Animals on the Farm” by Rakshitha M.

Honorable mentions:
“Too Fancy, Miss Mouse!” by Chloe M.
Honorable mention: “Princess Lila’s Adventure” by Ava Z.


First place: “Little Possom’s Adventure” by Cricket B.
Third Place in NATIONAL PBS Kids Writers Contest!

Second place: “The Adventures of Me and My Dog Gizmo” by Sophia K.
Third place: “Mr. Meask, Beak and the Little Bird” by Ava P.

Honorable mentions:

“If I Ran the Circus” by Griffin S.
Griffin was the winner of the 2013 Kids’ Choice Award!
"The Three Shark Detectives and the Missing Clown Fish” by Alexander S.
“Dan’s Exciting Night” by Tharun S.


First place: “Willie and Hannah” by Haruka D.
First Place in NATIONAL PBS Kids Writers Contest!

Second place: “A Snake Tale" by Liam E.
Third place: “The Lonely Tractor” by Alyssa H.

Honorable mentions:
“Planet Gumdrop” by Jack S.
“Scooter’s Dig Through Time” by Rebecca W.
“Jamaica” by Mia L.


First place: “BFF’s Forever” by Marlana H.
Second place: “Soccer Sleuth and the Missing Playbook” by Keller D.
Third place: “Bloggermouth 360” by Kaylie H.

Honorable mentions:
“Nita Light’s Crash” by Lizzy S.
“The Case of the Missing Peacocks” by Isabella P.
“Little Red Agent Hood” by Cayden W.

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