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2012 Writer's Contest Winners

A special HOORAY! to Ella B. and Daniel T., whose stories were selected as winners in the national competition!


First place: "Abby the Talking Giraffe" by Ella B.
Second place: "Geoff Giraffe's Big Trip" by Rylie G.
Third place: "Butterfly Friend" by Caroline T.

Honorable mentions:
"The Princesses Made the Rainbow" by Aliah B.
"Mr. Tree's Story" by Connor S.


First place: "Two Mermaids and the Lost Baby Orca Whale" by Abigail G.
Second place: "Freddy Finds a Friend" by Jacqueline C.
Third place: "Tara the Tiger and Blacky the Panther Find the Golden Triceratops Bone" by Rebecca W.

Honorable mentions:
"If Kids Ran the World" by Gabriella D.
"Getting Diabetes" by Grace K.


First place: "Dino Dudes - A Comic Book" by MacKenna R.
Second place: "Paris" by Marl'ana H.
Third place: "Tid's Butterfly Dream" by Kathryn B.

Honorable mentions:
"Life of Addison" by Emma S.
"Monster Hall" by Owen K.


First place: "The Mystery of the Attic Intruder" by Daniel T.
Second place: "Piggy and Birdie" by Madi M.
Third place: "Hermie's Adventure" by Sean S.

Honorable mentions:
"A Plan to Clean" by Bella C.
"A Day to Remember: A True Story" by Angeline C.

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