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2011 Writer's Contest Winners


First place: "The Runaway Bunny" by Sarah W. of Gibsonia | Hear it!
Second place: "Super Hero Alien Bug Family" by Sadie W. of Pittsburgh
Third place: "Lion's Magic" by Andrew D. of Pittsburgh

Honorable mentions:
Best message: "Ronald and Guy Saved Japan" by Elizabeth M. of Alliance, OH and "The Silliest Mouse" by Rachel S. of Pittsburgh
Best illustration: "Elephant" by Rebecca W. of Carnegie
Best local connection: "The Football Field" by Capone J. of Duquesne (Duquesne City School)


First place: "Magically Mixing Animals" by Emily Z. of Crescent (Bon Meade Elementary School) | Hear it!
Second place: "Froggy Discovers a New Planet" by Gabrielle C. of Pittsburgh
Third place: "Not So Strange After All" by Owen K. of Bridgeville

Honorable mentions:
Best illustration: "Riptor the Dragon" by Charles F. of Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Best message: "Daniel's Curly Tail" by Kelli M. of Jefferson Hills (Jefferson Elementary)
Best local connection: "The Awesome Score" by Carson D. of Moon Township
Most original: "My Fingers Feel" by Nevaeh Rae W. of Turtle Creek


First place: "Toothfairy and Strawfairy" by Uku H. of Newark, OH
Second place: "The Adventures of Tail Girl" by Annie D. of Latrobe
Third place: "The 4 Seasons, by Johnny Stepko" by Angeline C. of Wexford (Marshall Elementary)

Honorable mentions:
Best illustration: "The Nose Knows" by Brandon S. of Pittsburgh
Best message: "Bob: The Ordinary Superhero" by Trey N. of Venetta (Bower Hill Elementary)
Best local connection: "The Pittsburgh Penguins" by Austin M. of Scenery Hill (Bentworth Elementary)
Most original: "Y Am I Different" by Giavonni L. of Canonsburg
Most heartfelt: "My Very Special Friend Lexa" by Jaelyn B. of Finleyville, "The Magic of Love" by Amanda O. of Venetia (Bower Hill Elementary), and "A Bad Day" by Cosette C. of Salisbury
Chris Fennimore Award: "The Surprise Meatballs" by Sean S. of Orwigsburg


First place: "Ally the Alligator and the Best Picnic Ever!" by Mia C. of Rocky River, OH (Kensington Intermediate School) | Hear it!
Second place: "The Little Bird with Big Dreams" by Samuel K. of Bridgeville
Third place: "Down the River" by Susan M. of Pittsburgh

Honorable Mentions:
Best message: "Super Courageous K'aijha" by K'aijha G. of Pittsburgh
Best rhyme: "The Seasons" by Thomas T. of Pittsburgh (Fairview Elementary School)
Best illustration: "Small Ears, Big Hope" by Rye C. of Pittsburgh (O'Hara Elementary School)
Most heartfelt: "Lauren Becomes a Big Sister" by Lauren C. of Butler
Most original: "Quigley, P.I.: The Mystery of the Missing Mice" by Julia M. of Pittsburgh

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