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PBS Kids Go! Writers Contest

Second Grade
Honorable mention: Best illustration

Brandon S., "The Nose Knows"

PBS Kids GO! Writers Contest Story
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Past Winners


1st Place: Sarah W., The Runaway Bunny

2nd Place: Sadie W., Super Hero Alien Bug Family

3rd Place: Andrew D., Lion's Magic

Honorable Mentions:

Best message: Elizabeth M., Ronald and Guy Saved Japan

Best message: Rachel S., The Silliest Mouse

Best illustration: Rebecca W., Elephant

Best local connection: Capone J., The Football Field

First Grade

1st Place: Emily Z., Magically Mixing Animals

2nd Place: Gabrielle C., Froggy Discovers a New Planet

3rd Place: Owen K., Not So Strange After All

Honorable Mentions:

Best illustration: Charles F., Riptor the Dragon

Best message: Kelli M., Daniel's Curly Tail

Best local connection: Carson D., The Awesome Score

Most original: Nevaeh Rae W., My Fingers Feel

Second Grade

1st Place: Uku H., Toothfairy and Strawfairy

2nd Place: Annie D., The Adventures of Tail Girl

3rd Place: Angeline C., The 4 Seasons, by Johnny Stepko

Honorable Mentions:

Best illustration: Brandon S., The Nose Knows

Best message: Trey N., Bob: The Ordinary Superhero

Best local connection: Austin M., The Pittsburgh Penguins

Most original: Giavonni L., Y Am I Different

Most heartfelt: Jaelyn B., My Very Special Friend Lexa

Most heartfelt: Amanda O., The Magic of Love

Most heartfelt: Cosette C., A Bad Day

Chris Fennimore Award: Sean S., The Surprise Meatballs

Third Grade

1st Place: Mia C., Ally the Alligator and the Best Picnic Ever!

2nd Place: Samuel K., The Little Bird with Big Dreams

3rd Place: Susan M., Down the River

Honorable Mentions:

Best message: K'aijha G., Super Courageous K'aijha

Best rhyme: Thomas T., The Seasons

Best illustration: Rye C., Small Ears, Big Hope

Most heartfelt: Lauren C., Lauren Becomes a Big Sister

Most original: Julia M., Quigley, P.I.: The Mystery of the Missing Mice