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2010 Writer's Contest Winners


First place: Owen Kagle, A Bird Spoke To Me
Second place: Ella Slagle, The Pigeon Wants to Fly to Space!
Third place: Mayan Harris-Gershon, Changing Days

Honorable mention: Michael LaPoint, Bony, the Skeleton Fish
"Queen's Choice": Addilae "Addi" Watts, The Little Rainbow


First place: Micah Dordal, Dealing With the Monsters
Second place: Katie Heidenreich, The Fish Who Made a Wish
Third place: Daniel Trimble, The Mystery of the Golden Bug

Honorable mention: Madeline Grote, Dandylion Wishes
"Queen's Choice": Halle Grant, Emma and the Fashion Dilemmas


First place: Ashley Chung, If I Were a Bird
Second place: Kiran Kling, The Wild Turtle Chase
Third place: Karenna Lee, The Amazing Faith and Her Adventures

Honorable mention: Rachel Howard, The Tale of the Easter Leprechaun


First place: Christine Troll, Tim Sails a Lesson
Second place: Theresa Heidenreich, Animalympics
Third place: Cyrus Jordan Fant, Princess Grace and the Magic Kingdom

Honorable mention: Kaitlyn Geil, The Big Dance
"Queen's Choice": Noelle DiSilvio, Wonderful Things About the Ocean

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