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Third Grade
Ribbon4th Place

Nathan Predajna, "One Little Spider"

Reading Rainbow Story
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Past Winners


1st Place: Ella Reets Haney, A Blueberry Problem

2nd Place: Makenzie Steiner, The Tooth Fairy

3rd Place: Sarah Plotz, The Boy and The Balloons

4th Place: Mira Bernat, My Birthday at the Zoo

First Grade

1st Place: Patrick Lowe, Windington: The City of Big Winds

2nd Place: Raegan Gouker, My New Pinky Do

3rd Place: Shreyas Naidu, The Bird's Wish

4th Place: Abigail(Abby) Dawley, The Story of Rocky's Life

Second Grade

1st Place: Theresa Marie Heidenreich, The Perfect Pet

2nd Place: Safiy Yusuf Khan, A Rainforest Adventure

3rd Place: Hannah Kim, Little White Bird and Little Mouse's Big Adventure

4th Place: Cassie Dzubinski, Lovebug

"Queen's Choice": Anna DeGraaf, Anna Meets Georgia

Third Grade

1st Place: Alexa Reider, The Art Club

2nd Place: Sead D. Nikšić, Chester the Viking

3rd Place: Catherine Mary Deegan, The Teeny Tale of Tiny Tess

4th Place: Nathan Predajna, One Little Spider