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For more than fifty years, WQED has been your partner in the classroom, helping you engage each and every learner with trusted resources in literacy, math and science, and social well-being. WQED has provided educational materials, training, curriculum advice, and resources to incorporate media into the classroom. And we've aired engaging, entertaining, and academically sound programming, without commercials, for free on all three of our channels: WQED TV, and our Neighborhood and Create Channels. This fall, we're offering even more resources for the classroom and beyond... and we want to make sure you're the first to know about it.

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Educator Newsletters
March 2012: Women's History Month | (pdf)

PBS Learning Media: Quick Start User Guide 2012 | (pdf)

February 2012: Global Cultures | (pdf)

January 2012: Raising Readers | (pdf)

December 2011: Health and Wellness | (pdf)

November 2011: STEM programs | (pdf)

October 2011: Celebrate the arts | (pdf)

September 2011: Inspire your child's creativity | (pdf)

April 2011: Earth Day and environmental science | (pdf)

March 2011: reading and literacy | (pdf)

WQED resources for women and girls: Spring 2011 | (pdf)

African American experience on WQED: Spring 2011 | (pdf)

February 2011: social studies | (pdf)

January 2011: arts and culture | (pdf)

December 2010: science and STEM careers | (pdf)

Games Can Teach! Visit PBS KIDS Lab
Thinking about an event at your school, facility, or in your community?

PBS Kids Lab

Check out the all new PBS KIDS Lab! With over 40 FREE games designed to help children 2-8 build critical math and literacy skills, the Lab includes PBS KIDS' largest offering of interactive math content for preschoolers to date. Centered around beloved PBS KIDS shows, the games are linked by curricular frameworks and available for a variety of platforms.

Check out PBS Kids Lab!

At YOUR School
Thinking about an event at your school, facility, or in your community?

You may request a PBS Costume Character from WQED for educational purposes! (90-day advance notice required.)

Email outreach@wqed.org or call our Education Manager at 412-622-1394 to arrange for an outreach event or training at your school or local library today.

PBS Kids Play
Click here to try a free 15-day trial of this great interactive resource, full of learning games for school readiness. Parents can try it at home, too!

Professional Development
Learn about trainings and events for educators.

Grants and Opportunities
Find funding for your classroom or program, and learn about student contests and awards.

Download a PRINTABLE GUIDE (pdf) to all our educational programs. Or, visit our SHOWS page to access activities and lesson plans for all your favorite PBS Kids shows. More is also available at www.pbsteachers.org

PBS LearningMedia™ is a next-generation digital media service that empowers PreK–16 educators to re-imagine classroom learning, transform teaching, and creatively engage students.

It brings together the best of public media, produced specifically for educators, from PBS, WGBH, and over 55 public media partners. More than 14,000 high-quality multimedia resources – tied to Common Core and national curriculum standards – are freely available to all educators as a basic service. PBS LearningMedia can also be enhanced with custom solutions for schools and districts—designed for seamless media integration and customization.

The service offers:

  • Unique access to best-in-class resources from PBS producers and partners, tied to Common Core and national curriculum standards
  • A robust content library of thousands of digital core curriculum resources, designed with today's student in mind
  • Carefully created, purpose-built media: videos, interactives, audios, lesson plans, multimedia, professional development, and more
  • Ability for educators to search, save, share, and review content
  • A flexible, high-speed platform supported by cutting-edge technology

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Teens On Q is a television program, produced by WQED, that takes teens behind the scenes of a particular career or industry to meet professionals already at work there, provides teens with some basis for career exploration, and gives them the chance to think about academic, volunteer, and job-shadowing opportunities they can pursue now to prepare for that career. Click to watch Teens On Q Online On-Demand, and check out the Online Job Shadowing Guide (pdf).