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Design Squad Nation

Did you know? Design Squad is now the all-new Design Squad Nation!

Engineers have led a technological revolution that has improved the quality of our lives, yet many kids and adults alike don't understand how what engineers do, or how their creations - the technologies that surround us daily - actually work. Design Squad Nation's engineer co-hosts travel across globe, working side-by-side with kids to turn their dreams into reality. Like the original program, this new series shows kids that engineering is about being active in the world, taking risks, collaborating with interesting people, and using science, math, and technology to solve real problems!


Sundays at 7:00 pm


Watch at the Design Squad Nation website.

Cast and Episodes

Meet the Heroes: dreaming big, making it real!

2011 Design Squad Nation Episode Guide (pdf)

Games / Online Resources

Create a virtual string instrument to create your own music, or solve puzzles to save the tiny Fidgits!

Design your own dance pad or confetti catapult, build a wind-resistant high-rise, or try your hand at some other cool engineering challenges!

Dream it, build it, blog it!

For Educators and Parents

Whether you're a parent, teacher or a caregiver, here are some activities that are fun to do at home, in the classroom, or even in the car. Many of these materials include printable PDF sheets. To access these materials, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Unleash your kids' ingenuity and get them thinking like engineers with these 27 Design Squad Nation challenges. Designed for 9- to 12-year-olds, each challenge has step-by-step instructions and age-appropriate explanations of the main idea.

Teacher's Guide
Its 11 hands-on, open-ended, standards-based challenges focus on force, electricity, and sound - topics found in nearly every physical science curriculum.

Educator's Guide
The guide has four units, divided into 10 engaging, hands-on challenges that emphasize teamwork and creative problem solving.

Event Guide
You can host a Design Squad Nation event just about anywhere. To get you started, the Event Guide has five hands-on engineering challenges, colorful signs and certificates of appreciation, an event checklist, tips for working with kids and volunteers, and an evaluation form.

Activity Guide
These five challenges offer engaging, effective ways to get kids thinking like engineers in afterschool programs, workshops, or events.

Invent Guide
These six challenges are a fun way to bring invention to life for kids, get them thinking like inventors and engineers, and show them how invention improves people's lives.

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