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Rivers and Valleys


Making mountains
Rolling on rivers
Moving mountains
Burgh & burbs
Cleaning up

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Web links

Geology and Geography

The Geological History of Pittsburgh - Fossils: Formation of coal and mountains and deltas

History and landscape of Pittsburgh (Microsoft Expedia summary)

Pymatuning Dam

USGS National Mapping Information: Home Page

Maproom at Penn State

Western Migration Routes


Pittsburgh Rivers and Dams by the Army Corps of Engineers

River Traffic Page From the Ohio County (WV) Public Library Collection

Surf your watershed at the Environmental Protection Agency: Lower Mon

Surf your watershed at the Environmental Protection Agency: Lower Allegheny

Surf your watershed at the Environmental Protection Agency:Upper Ohio

Pittsburgh PA Hydrologic Services Area

River Resource

Teaching about rivers: links toweb pages with information on rivers, bibliography about rivers, and links to classes who are studying rivers

Canoeable Rivers in Western Pennsylvania (water levels)

Geography/Rivers and Streams

Rivers: From Source to Sea

All Along a River

American Rivers

River Glossary

Allegheny River's National Wild and Scenic River Designation

International Rivers Network: About Rivers and Dams

Pittsburgh's Riverfront Development Plan


Building the C&O Canal

The Steamboat (poem) by Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809 - 1894)


History of the Pennsylvania Railroad

Railroad Maps Collection


Pittsburgh's Legacy of Inclines

Pittsburgh's 15 inclines

Duquesne Incline: Directions, hours, history and visitor information

The Duquesne Incline and other Pittsburgh Inclines

The Duquesne Incline and Chronology of Pittsburgh Inclines

Rail Transit in Pittsburgh: Incline Railways

Trolley and light rail

Rail Transit in Pittsburgh: Light Rail


Official Pennsylvania Turnpike Site: History

Pennsylvania Turnpike Tunnels and Bridges

Old Turnpike at Breezewood

Pennsylvania Turnpike

Pennsylvania Turnpike History Americas Super Highway

Lincoln Highway

National Road Route 40 Web Site

Highway Markers: The Allegheny County Belt System

U.S. Markers: Path of Progress

National Heritage Tour

U.S. Markers: Pittsburgh Wayfinder System

Roadside Peek - A fascinating look at mid-20th century American roadside architecture.

Community Resources

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Carnegie Science Center

Port Authority of Allegheny County

Bicycling and rail trails

FRIENDS OF THE RIVERFRONT-Three Rivers Heritage Trail

Allegheny Trail Alliance - the Pittsburgh to Cumberland Trail - walking, hiking, bicycling

Ghost Town Trail, Indiana and Cambria Counties (goes through old coal towns)

Pennsylvania Rails to Trails Home Page

Keystone Biking - Mountain Bike Resource for Pennsylvania

TRFN - Biking

Pittsburgh's Bicycling Plan

RailServe: Rails to Trails



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