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Downtown Landmarks: How far from the fountain?

Estimate the distances between the point and ten Downtown landmark using scale and a coordinate system.


1. Estimate and measure the distance in inches of each landmark from the fountain.

  Estimate Measure Feet from fountain (x,y) coordinates
1. Blockhouse        
2. Monongahela Incline        
3. The Landmarks Building        
4. Smithfield Street Bridge        
5. Allegheny County Courthouse and Jail        
6. USX Tower        
7. Gulf Building        
8. Smithfield United Church        
9. Burke's Building        
10. PPG Place        

2. If 1/2 inch (or one unit of measurement on the map) equals 500 feet, then figure out how many feet each landmark listed above really is from the fountain.

3. Find the approximate (x,y) coordinates for each of the ten buildings.


Source: Downtown Landmarks: Geometry on Firstside, Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, 1998.

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