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Having Fun


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Selected books

Alter, Judy. Amusement Parks: Roller Coasters, Ferris Wheels, and Cotton Candy. Franklin Watts, Inc., 1997.

Bell, William Y. Commerical recreation facilities among Negroes in the Hill District of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, PA.: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1938.

Carr, Roy. A Century of Jazz: From Blues to Bop, Swing to Hiphop – A Hundred Years of Music, Musicians, Singers and Styles. Da Capo Press, 1997.

Goodman, Michael E. The History of the Pittsburgh Pirates. 1st ed. Mankato, Minn.: Creative Education, 1999.

Heinmann, Jim. Car Hops & Curb Service: A History of American Drive-in Restaurants 1920-1960. San Francisco, CA.: Chronicle Books, 1996.

Hinds, Lynn Boyd. Broadcasting the Local News: The Early Years of Pittsburgh's KDKA-TV. Pennsylvania State University Press, 1995.

Jacques, Jr., Charles. Kennywood: The Rollercoaster Capital of the World. Charles Jacques, Jr., 1982.

Martin, Scott C. Killing Time: Leisure and culture in southwestern Pennsylvania, 1800-1850. Pittsburgh Series in Social and labor history. Pittsburgh, PA.: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1995.

McKeon, Elizabeth. Cinema Under the Stars: America's Love Affair with the Drive-In Movie Theater.Cumberland House, 1998.

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Ruck, Rob. Sandlot Seasons: Sports in Black Pittsburgh. University of Illinois Press, 1993.

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Web links
Educational sites

When Work is Done

Research and analysis of visual materials using a scrapbook motif to explore leisure time activities at the turn of the century. Grade 11.

Annenburg/CPB Amusement Park Physics: What are the forces behind the fun?Marble History

Amusement Park Physics!

Physics lessons and projects (Homepage of Peggy E. Schweiger)

Projectile Motion Demonstration-Why does a baseball that is thrown follow a parabolic path?

Kinetic Energy of the Merry-Go-Round

Roller Coasters in the Classroom

Lesson in principles of kinetic and potential energy

Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania pastimes

Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs: Find all the county fairs in Pennsylvania

Tom Mix

The Pittsburgh Maulers

The Pittsburgh Crawfords

Pittsburgh Pirates

Fan page contains teams history, statistics, hall of fame, and yearly profile. It includes player profile and team prospects.

Pirates in the Hall of Fame

Pittsburgh Exposition Park

Photos of Exposition park from 1896 -1914

Forbes Field

York Barbell Hall of Fame

History and picture of the first Ferris Wheel - Links to other sites

Kennywood's Internet Connection: History and walking tour

Kennywood History

Roller Coasters at Kennywood

Amusement park near Pittsburgh touts six coasters, three of which are wooden. Read the history of the park and each ride.

Canoeable Rivers in Western Pennsylvania (water levels)

Past pastimes

Marble Games

Overview of Croquet in America

History of Drive-In Theaters - 1930s to 1990s

Take me out to the Ballgame

Baseball Approach to Teaching Statistics, Percentage, Ratios, and Fractions-Gr. 4-9

American Golf Hall of Fame

Carousel! The Carousel Information Center

Background information and historical facts about carousels, with lots of images.

The History of Roller Coasters with links to relevant sites

Roller Coaster Database

A searchable database of roller coaster statistics, covering more than 450 rides.

Build a coaster.php

World of Coasters: large collection of news

Amusements Parks that aren't there anymore

Theme Parks: The Mining Co.'s guide to theme parks

Including links to background information and parks.

Amusement Ride Accidents News about accidents and injuries related to amusement park rides.

History of Education and Childhood: Childhood and play


Community Resources

Three Rivers Heritage Trail - redevelopment of the riverfront-walking, cycling, skateboarding

Three Rivers Stadium

The Pittsburgh Children's Museum

Pittsburgh's Bicycling Plan

Allegheny Trail Alliance - the Pittsburgh to Cumberland Trail - walking, hiking, bicycling

Pittsburgh Penguins Official Site

Pittsburgh Steelers Official Site


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