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Oral History Release Form

If you wish to keep your interview to quote in a project or as part of a library collection (anything other than your personal use), you should get a "release" from the subject.

Be sure to let your subject know how you will be using the information. If you plan to publish or broadcast in some way, note that on your form and ask how the person would like to be identified (possibly just by first name, for example).

It's a good idea to reproduce this form on your school letterhead if your interview is part of a school project.

Interview release form
I hereby give and grant to _____________________________________ (school name) as a donation for educational purposes, this taped interview and its contents listed below.

Content Summary:



__ Audiotape

__ Videotape


Date of interview

Name of interviewer (student)


Planned use:



Signature of interviewee

Name of interviewee (print)

Address of interviewee

Adapted with permission from material copyright 1983, Susan Donley and Janet E. Turner. All other rights reserved.