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Changing Scale: Downtown Landmarks Math

Use mathematics to see how Downtown Pittsburgh has grown over the years:

  • How Big? See the difference in size of familiar Downtown buildings in a graph that puts space in scale.
  • How Fast? See how fast the city grew in an animation that puts time in scale.
  • Facts and Figures: Click on the buildings' names to find out more about the building and play the numbers yourself.

Fort Pitt Blockhouse (1764) Burke's Building (1836) Monongahela Incline (1870) Allegheny County Courthouse (1888) Landmarks Building (1901) Smithfield United Church (1926) Gulf Tower (1936) USX Tower (1970) PPG Place (1984)
How fast: Play an animation squeezing 240 years of history into 10 seconds!

Source: Downtown Landmarks Math Facts , Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, 1998.

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