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Downtown Landmarks: Geometry on Firstside

Outline at least one example of each of the following in the photograph below:

1. triangle

2. rectangle

3. square

4. semi-circle

5. circle

6. trapezoid

7. pentagon

8. a tilted square

9. right angle

10. acute angle

11. obtuse angle

12. perpendicular lines

13. parallel lines

14. diagonal lines

15. adjacent lines

16. horizontal line

17. vertical line

18. tesselation

Photo: Clyde Hare for PHLF

A view of downtow Pittsburgh from Station Square. The relatively low buildings along Fort Pitt Boulevard, constructed in the 1860s to the 1890s, give a human scale to Pittsburgh.

Source: Downtown Landmarks: Geometry on Firstside, Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, 1998.

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