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Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Scavenger Hunt

The library is full of treasures. While you are in Oakland, see if you can dig up these nuggets of knowledge! Ask a librarian to initial each step you finish.

bullet In the Pennsylvania Room

  • Find a newspaper on microfilm from the day you were born.

What was happening in Pittsburgh then? What was happening in the nation?

  • Find a map of your neighborhood in 1900 (remember township names may have changed!).

What streets do you recognize? What businesses were in town? How has the developed area grown or changed since then?

  • Find the microfilm for the 1900 census of the area where you live.

    What jobs did people have? What ethnic groups lived in the area? What family names do you recognize that still live in your neighborhood?

bullet Get a card and use it!

  • Apply for a library card (if you don't already have one!) You can use it in over 80 libraries throughout Allegheny County!
  • Use The Catalog to look up a book on your hobby, then check it out.

  • Use The Catalog at home by logging on to http://www.clpgh.org.

bullet In the Music, Film and Audio Department

Listen to a kind of music you've never heard before.

bullet In the First Floor - New & Featured Department

Find a recipe for your favorite food in a cookbook.

bullet In Reference Services (2nd Floor)

Ask a reference services librarian a question you've always wondered about.

Did you do it? Congratulations!

Carnegie Library computer terminal Carnegie Library lounge seats and shelves
Carnegie Library interior

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, 1909

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