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Collecting Ourselves

Here's to Pittsburgh's packrats! Without them, where would we be? No museums, art galleries, no libraries, no archives, no Vintage Grand Prix, no antique bookstores, no old houses, no history!

Pittsburgh's museums, libraries, archives, and individual collectors are keepers of our heritage. Are you one of them? Let's talk about collecting, learn some tips from the Pittsburgh professional packrats, and visit some of Pittsburgh premiere collections!

bullet Talk about collecting!


bullet Care for your collection the way museums do.


bulletChallenge your research skills with a Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Scavenger Hunt


bulletVisit Pittsburgh's great collections!

While touring Oakland, you might visit:

Visit the Greater Pittsburgh Museum Council web site for information about 65 great museums in southwestern Pennsylvania!

Carnegie Museum of Art  Sculpture HallCarnegie Museum of Natural History Bug Room
Illuminated bood from the Irish Nationality RoomThe Austrian Nationality Room at Pitt
Skull fossil from the Carnegie Museum of Natural HistoryAluminum car on exhibit at Carnegie Museum of Art
Phipps ConservatoryStacks at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh 

Photos: Tom Altany

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