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The Arts in Pittsburgh


What is art for?
The famous
The folk
Where art lives

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Selected books

Art glass in Pittsburgh: A tour of glass designed by J. Horace Rudy and Rudy Bros. Company. Pittsburgh, PA: Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, 1997.

Clayton, the Pittsburgh home of Henry Clay Frick: Art and Furnishings. Pittsburgh, PA: Helen Clay Frick Foundation; distributed by University of Pittsburgh Press, 1988.

D. Kinard, Agnes. Celebrating the first 100 Years of the Carnegie 1895-1995 in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, PA: Carnegie Museum of Art, 1995.

DiDominicis. Pittsburgh Folk Arts Directory. 1st ed. Pittsburgh, PA: Story Swap and Calliope, 1992.

Fletcher, Edward Garland, 1903. Records and history of theatrical activities in Pittsburgh, PA, from their beginning to 1861. Pittsburgh, PA: Western Pennsylvania Historical Society, 1931.

Foster, Stephen Collins, 1826-1864. Dear friends and gentle hearts, melodies of Stephen C. Foster. [sound recordings] Pittsburgh, PA: Thomas Studios, p. 1989.

Greenway, John. American Folk Songs of Protest. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1954.

Language, rhythm, & sounds: Black popular culture into the twenty-first century. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1997.

Seeger, Mike. American Folk Songs for Children. [sound recordings] Cambridge, MA: Rounder, p1987. CD 11543.

Speigel, Ben. Portraits: Profiles of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Pittsburgh, PA: Pittsburgh Symphony Society, 1992.

Web links

Mississippi: River of Song: Teachers Guide

Archive of Folk Culture

American Music Resource

Loyalist and British Songs

American Music Links

Music in the United States Online

Jazz History and Black Music

Palo Alto College Library--links to Jazz and Black music information on the Web

History of Jazz Time Line



The Steamboat (poem) by Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809 - 1894)

August Wilson Biography

August Wilson - Study Guide of plays


Visual Arts

Andy Warhol Museum. Online magazine.

The Carnegie Magazine On-Line

Andy Warhol Homepage

Warhol Family Roots in Slovakia - Warhol Museum in Medzilaborce

Cassatt, Mary

Butler Institute of Art - View her painting of "Agatha and her child" or read her biography

Cassatt, Mary

National Museum of Women in the Arts Museum profiles one of the first female American artists to be successful. Read a biography to find out how Impressionism changed her style.

Malcolm Parcell's Mural painted for the Citzen's Library, Washington, PA

Malcolm Parcell's Mural at Citizens's Library in Washington, PA

Louis Comfort Tiffany: An American Entrepreneur

Tiffany Summary by Margaret Holland

Getty ArtsEdNet

Many Ways of Seeing is a unit written for middle school or junior high school students. It investigates themes and issues in art such as the concept of originality, interpretation of visual language, symbolism, and examination of the categories of fine art and folk art.

WPA Murals in public institutions

World Wide Arts Resources: Folk Arts museums


Performing Arts

National Museum of Dance (including a Teacher's Guide)

American Picture Palaces - The University of Virginia

Community Resources
Arts Museums and Galleries

Center for American Music at the Stephen Foster Memorial

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Society for Contemporary Craft

The Carnegie Museum of Art

The Pittsburgh Children's Museum

Andy Warhol Museum

Greater Pittsburgh Museum Council

Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

Performing Arts

Calliope House (Pittsburgh Folk Music Society)

Center for American Music at the Stephen Foster Memorial

City Theatre

Gateway to the Arts

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Pittsburgh Dance Council

Pittsburgh Playhouse

Pittsburgh Public Theatre

The Pittsburgh Symphony


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