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Resources for Western Pennsylvania History

Extend your study of Pittsburgh's history with these resources



Western PA History


Forks of the Ohio
Fort Pitt
Gateway to the West
Smoky City
Steel City
Renassiance City

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Selected books
General Pittsburgh history

Baldwin, Leland D. Pittsburgh: The Story of a City, 1750-1865. University of Pittsburgh Press, 1970.

Lorant, Stefan. Pittsburgh: The Story of an American City. Doubleday, 1964-1999.

The African-American legacy in Allegheny County: A timeline of key events. [Pittsburgh, PA.]: Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, c1995.

Early era

Baldwin, Leland D. The Keelboat Age on Western Waters. University of Pittsburgh Press, 1941.

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Fort Pitt Blockhouse Bastion of History. [videorecording] Pittsburgh, PA.: Fort Pitt Society of the DAR, c1995.

Harper, R. Eugene. Transformation of Western Pennsylvania, 1770-1800. Pittsburgh, PA.: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1992.

Industrial era

Bell, Thomas D. Out of this Furnace. University of Pittsburgh Press, 1976.

Couvares, Francis G. The Remaking of Pittsburgh: Class and Culture in an Industrializing City, 1877-1919. Albany: The State University of New York Press, 1984.

Bridge, James Howard, 1858-1939. The inside history of the Carnegie Steel Company, a romance of millions. New York, N.Y.: Arno Press, 1972.

Gottlieb, Peter. Making their own way: Southern Blacks' Migration to Pittsburgh. University of Illinois Press, 1997.

Graham, Laurie. Singing the City: The bonds of home in an industrial landscape. Pittsburgh, PA.: University of Pittsburgh Press, c1998.

Krause, Paul. The Battle for Homestead, 1880-1892. Pittsburgh, PA.: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1992.

Perrott, Mark. Eliza: Remembering a Pittsburgh Steel Town. Howell Press, 1990

Warren, Kenneth. Triumphant Capitalism: Henry Clay Frick and the industrial transformation of America. Pittsburgh, PA.: University of Pittsburgh Press, c1996.

Twentieth Century

Lubove, Roy. Twentieth Century Pittsburgh. John Wiley & Sons, 1969.

Weber, Michael. Don‘t Call Me Boss: The Biography of David L. Lawrence. Pittsburgh: The University of Pittsburgh Press, 1987.

Bartolettie, Susan Campbell. Kids on Strike! Boston, MA.: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1999.

Modell, Judith Schachter, 1941. A Town Without Steel: Envisioning Homestead. Pittsburgh, PA.: University of Pittsburgh Press, c1998.

Web links

Pittsburgh Kids Online

Pennsylvania History

Pennsylvania State Government

Heritage Committee

American Association for State and Local History

The Official Allegheny County WebSite

Port Authority's new web site and History of Port Authority

The City of Pittsburgh's City Planning Page

Pittsburgh Walking Tours. The Pittsburgh's Department of City Planning has put together walking tours of several areas of town, including Allegheny West, Mexican War Streets, Manchester, Fourth Avenue, Grant Street, Mellon Square, Monongehela Wharf, and Downtown Churches.

Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center

Pennsylvania Department - Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh: A Bicentennial Tribute 1758-1958

Local History Sites for Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

A brief article on the causes leading up to the French and Indian War and its affect on history. Follow the path >History>American History> The French & Indian War>French and Indian War

Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion

All 50 Museums in Greater Pittsburgh Area plus a relation map - Greater Pittsburgh Museum Council

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Carnegie Science Center

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall

The history and landscape of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation concentrates on the city's building history. Newsletters, program descriptions, and library information

Teaching with Historic Places Home Page

Discover Pittsburgh! Pittsburgh History. Covers southwestern Pennsylvania as well as Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.

The Great Pennsylvania Treasure Hunt

Meadowcroft Rockshelter


TribLIVE - Earliest settlers - May 9, 1999

Carnegie Library's History of Pittsburgh from 1895 to 1969

The Captain Thomas Espy Grand Army of the Republic Post #153

North Side History Dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of Pittsburgh's North Side. Site includes info about groups, history, events, and membership.

Clayton - Family Days at Clayton (The Frick residence in Pittsburgh).

The Battle of Fort Pitt - The Battle of Blanket Hill - The Unwritten History of Braddock's Field - Duquesne, PA - Glassport, PA - McKeesport, PA - West Mifflin, PA - Wilmerding, PA - Settlers - Early Pioneer Life -Weddings on the Frontier - Frontier Dress

Vietnam | Oral History Tips

Harriet Tubman and The Underground Railroad for Children

Time-Line of Pittsburgh

Community Resources

The Pittsburgh Children's Museum

Fort Pitt Museum and the Fort Pitt Blockhouse

Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center

Rivers of Steel Heritage Area

Fort Necessity Battlefield, Mill Run, PA

Depreciation Lands Museum

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