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Pittsburgh Fifty Years Hence

A. L. Humphrey. Excerpt from Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Spirit, Chamber of Commerce of Pittsburgh, 1927.

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Where did he go right? Where did he go wrong?

bullet What did Mr. Humphrey predict for 1977?

    • Population

    • Transportation

    • Government

    • Economy

bullet Which predictions came true?



bullet Which predictions missed the mark?



bullet Which of his predictions surprised you the most?



bullet Where do you think he was furthest off the mark?



bullet What events and trends did he fail to consider in his predictions?



bullet What kinds of things happened that he never could have predicted in 1927?



bullet What changes have taken place in Pittsburgh since 1977?



bullet Let's fast forward to 50 past 1977 -- we're almost half way there -- to 2027. What predictions do you make for Pittsburgh in 2027?



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