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Program Logs

Table of Contents

Program Logs

To help you find stories on particular topic.

Video indexed by theme

Go directly to topical indexes of the video stories:

Use this section to find stories in a particular program. Each story is linked to the related curriculum themes.

Looking for stories on a particular topic? Use the Curriculum Theme Table of Contents to find video stories, discussion questions, and activities organized by curriculum theme.

Wonder where to start?Here are for Suggestions for Using this Guide.

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Tips for using the logs

1 Scan the logs to find the stories that fit your lesson's goals.

TIP Read the description for a short synopsis of each story.

2 Preview the stories on videotape using the "time-in" and "time-out" as cues.

TIP Reset your VCR's counter when the first "Pittsburgh Histoy Series" screen appears to synch with our time-in and time-out codes.

Because every VCR counter is a bit different, we've also given you visual cues to look for as you fast-forward through the tape.

3 Click on Connections link to go to FYI background article, discussion questions, activities, and resources to integrate the video story into your curriculum.



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Pittsburgh History Series Teacher's Guide