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Produced in 2000 by WQED Pittsburgh
in partnership with the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation with
Funding from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Ridge, and the Grable Foundation


Teachers' Guide producer, author, and designer: Susan Donley, Learning Design

Project Director: Linda Tabakin, Director, WQED Educational Resources Center

Executive Producer: BJ Leber, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Community Outreach

Additional writing and program logs: Gina Catanzarite, Arania Productions

Design consultation: Michael Maskerinec, Creative Director, WQED Pittsburgh

Reformatted for PHP/Current Technology (2010): Nathan Boykiw, WQED Interactive Intern

Producer of the Pittsburgh History Series: Rick Sebak. Chris Moore and Doug Bolin produced "Wylie Avenue Days"

Executive Producer: Deb Acklin

Vice President of Production: Carolyn Wean


Many thanks to the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation for permission to adapt many of their fine educational activities and resources, including the use of many photographs.

Thanks to David Coulson for permission to reuse his illustrations of Kennywood and the North Side, originally published in Pittsburgh Magazine.

Thanks to Janice G. Donley for web research, scanning, and editing.

Thanks to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Department, for assembling bibliographies.