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We know your children are curious about the world! Our beloved PBS characters, like Curious George, Buddy the T. rex, Sid the Science Kid, and Cat in the Hat, share their enthusiasm about the natural world and explore science and math concepts in every episode. These on-screen friends help to motivate children to expand their own investigations of the world and offer the perfect vehicles for introducing preschoolers to key concepts in science, engineering, math, social studies, literacy, and more.

By embracing children's natural curiosity, parents can support their educational potential in the fields of science, engineering, and mathematics. So while characters like George and Sid are nurturing children's innate tendencies toward inquiry and hands-on exploration, they are also motivating parents and caregivers to do the same. WQED has collected some wonderful resources for parents and children to explore together. Click on the "activities and more" section to find hands-on activities, online games, and videos that will help you and your child get curious!

Parent Resources by Program

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Curious George

Dinosaur Train

Cat in the Hat

Sid The Science Kid

Sesame Street