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Apr 27 2012

First Peregrine Egg Hatched at Pitt!

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Here’s the first baby picture of Dorothy and E2’s first hatchling of 2012.  The chick is still pink and damp from the egg.


I was able to capture this second photo before Dorothy began to brood (cover the chick to keep it warm).  Notice that another egg has a pip.  Second chick is coming soon.

Happy birthday, baby bird!  27 April 2012, 6:39am.


Later, 7:13am:  A first look at the chick’s face.  He’s already becoming fluffy white.


Later, 8:05am:   E2 comes to meet the first baby.


Dorothy and E2 confer:  Should E2 go find food yet?   (Yes.)


A good view of the chick as E2 leaves.  The “egg” against the back wall is the chick’s empty shell, pushed aside.

Click the photo credit link below to watch live video from the nest!

(photo from the National Aviary falconcam at University of Pittsburgh)

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