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Apr 27 2012

Three Eggs Hatched Today at Pitt

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Friday, April 27 was a big day at the Pitt peregrine nest.  Three of Dorothy and E2’s four eggs hatched!

6:37am:  First egg hatched.

4:33pm:  Dorothy removes an empty shell, the hint that another chick has hatched.

4:36pm:  E2 arrives to see his new babies.  When Dorothy leaves the nest, we see three chicks.  Two of them are still pink and damp.  Here’s a marked up photo showing where they are.


And here are all three on an unmarked photo.  It looks like more than one egg remains but the old shells are fooling us.

There’s just one more egg to go.


(photos from the National Aviary falconcam at University of Pittsburgh. Click on this link to watch live video from the nest)

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