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Jun 30 2011

Dorothy in Action

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Do you miss watching the peregrine falconcams?  Are you going through withdrawal now that the nests are empty?

This may help.

Six weeks ago today Dorothy and E2’s chicks were banded at the Cathedral of Learning.  Among the attendees were Brian and Jacob Cohen.

Jacob comes to the bandings to gather raw material for his high school research project, Diet of Urban Peregrine Falcons, which he’s conducting through the National Aviary.  When Beth Fife cleans Dorothy’s nest Jacob gets the garbage and painstakingly identifies the feathers and bones of her prey.  How cool is that!

Brian, Jacob’s father, comes with his camera.  He’s a professional photographer — you see his work every week  in Pop City — and he likes to take pictures of our peregrines.

Brian got some great shots on Banding Day as Dorothy puffed up, wheeled, and dove to defend her babies from Beth Fife’s approach.  Click on his closeup of Dorothy to see her in action.

Wow, she’s good!

I guarantee this will ease your withdrawal pains.

(photos by Brian Cohen,

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