Dec 19 2008

A Quick Hello

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Dorothy and E2 say hello at the nest, Univ of Pittsburgh, Dec 18, 2008On Thursday the peregrines at the University of Pittsburgh visited the nest for the first time in weeks. 

From these two photos it looks to me like Dorothy told E2 to come see her. 

They were both there for a split second… and then gone.

December is the low ebb of their year.




(photos are from the National Aviary webcam at the University of Pittsburgh peregrine nest)




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  1. Gwynon 05 Mar 2009 at 11:22 am

    Kate, hi. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for making it easy for me, a non-bird-watching type, to see and understand what’s going on with Pittsburgh’s pergrine falcons.

    I write romance novels and my last, Seducing Mr. Darcy, was about a woman who works for the Aviary and is hoping to be made a member of the team at Cornell looking for the ivory billed woodpecker. At one point in the book, she’s stuck outside on one of the those balconies on the Cathedral of Learning, and the man who has helped her hide out there makes a joke about the peregrine falcon nest. In any case, all my books are set in Pittsburgh and feature Pittsburgh heroines. I’m writing about Dorothy and E2 this month in my newsletter to readers, and I mention you.

    But that’s not why I’m writing (though I thought you might find it interesting.) I’m writing to ask if you have any idea when the Aviary will be turning the webcams back on? It’s getting close to egg-laying time!


    Gwyn Cready

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