Nov 17 2008

What To Look For: Through Mid-December

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Snow Bunting (photo by Chuck Tague)Nature is slowing down as winter settles in.

In every other season, nature changes so rapidly that two weeks of “what to look for” is a very long list.  But now a month of sightings will do, so Chuck Tague describes late November through early December in his latest phenology for western Pennsylvania.

Here’s a peek at Chuck’s list, plus a few suggestions of my own.

  • We’ve entered the time of frost, snow, ice and rime.  I remember rime last year at the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch.
  • Waterfowl are still on the move.  As lakes freeze up north more birds come our way:  tundra swans, loons, scaup, ring-necks, buffleheads, mergansers, goldeneye and ruddy ducks.
  • Gulls will come to the rivers.
  • Northern shrikes will show up at rural thickets.
  • Check manured fields for horned larks, lapland longspurs and snow buntings (pictured here).  They all look dull in winter to match the ground.
  • Be prepared for irruptive migrants.  In November 2000 a snowy owl showed up at Duquesne University, a life bird for me!
  • Today in Pittsburgh, there will be 9 hours and 45 minutes of daylight.  A month from now – nearly the solstice – we’ll have only 9 hours and 16 minutes.  The half hour we lose will be subtracted from the morning.

(photo of a Snow Bunting by Chuck Tague)

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