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underwriting and sponsorship opportunities

WQED tv13 offers two types of marketing opportunities: program underwriting and adjacencies.

Program Underwriting
Companies that underwrite specific programs are mentioned next to the program name. This ties the company directly to the program and its subject.

Local underwriting is available for local programming - such as OnQ Magazine, Black Horizons, QED Cooks, LifeQuest, Dave & Dave's Excellent Adventures, and The Pittsburgh History Series. Local underwriting is also available for national programming, such as The Newshour with Jim Lehrer, Antiques Roadshow, and Sesame Street. Like national sponsors, local underwriters are acknowledged at the beginning and conclusion of programs.

Program underwriting is usually sold in :15 lengths. Other formats are available.

Adjacencies are sold like spot buys on commercial TV. Underwriters select frequency, programming, and flight length. Adjacencies appear between programs in :15 lengths. Specific audiences and demographics can be targeted.

WQED tv13 offers the region's highest-quality audience - and we deliver precise market segments within that audience: efficiently and effectively. Whether your core customers are involved parents... powerful opinion-leaders... active homeowners... or consumers looking for the best their community has to offer... your message is on target - and on budget - when it's on tv13.

Community-Owned... Community-Focused
WQED tv13 was America's first community-owned television station. Today, no other station can match WQED's commitment to its community. WQED's diverse local programs serve many audiences with programming not available anywhere else. WQED tv13 has it all.

Trusted, Award-Winning Children's Programs
No station in the area holds the trust (or the attention) of our region's involved parents like WQED tv13. And it isn't any wonder. With a line-up that attracts kids from toddlers to teens, WQED tv13 is an essential part of every western Pennsylvania childhood.

News and Analysis - Unbiased, In-Depth
When the region's opinion-leaders want the news in depth, they turn to WQED tv13. No other station presents meaningful current affairs with the same insight, profundity, or balance.

How the Upper Half Nests
Marketers who want to reach the area's most affluent and influential consumers at home will find them active in the garden... busy in the kitchen... discerning in décor... and always grateful for the guidance that WQED tv13 provides.

High-Quality Entertainment
WQED tv13's audience is loyal and engaged. It appreciates the unique, quality primetime entertainment that it finds on its favorite channel... and it respects the underwriters who make it available.

National Leadership from Your Neighborhood Station
WQED Multimedia has always been a leader in producing national entertainment. From the earliest days of The National Geographic Specials to The War that Made America and The Pittsburgh History Series, WQED Multimedia brings the best of Pittsburgh to a national stage.


Kweilin Nassar
Director of Broadcast Underwriting
Phone: 412-622-6421
or email

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featured specials

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featured specials

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